Santa's Nixie Tube Display

Another version of the nixie tubes, less features, less UPS drops.

9 months ago
0.15 - 1.1

i [Maybe] 3-digit display

2 years ago

Can you add 3-digit display to easier separate the thousandths?

2 years ago

I see some do that manualy, group 3 digits together, display the value (so 1234 would display 234), to the left add a combinator /1000 and display the number to the left (1 would display XX1)

I thought of this, but cramping 3 digits in a single tile is a bit much and unreadable, I tested that already... I can't extend to two tiles, as that would mess up the logic that is making it so efficient. I'll think of a solution, but don't hold your hopes up...

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