SI Decoration Sign

装饰标识【图标告示牌】/Decoration Sign [Signs with pic]
7 months ago
Owner: Sidoupiar
Source: N/A
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 9 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.6 (7 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 125 times


  这些告示牌默认是禁用的,可以在 mod 设置中根据需要启用。
  此外如果觉得告示牌还是太小,可以在 mod 的 zip 压缩包中的找到一个叫做 constants.lua 的文件,第一行有一个 sign_max_level 参数,可以改成你想要的数值;修改并保存后,会在 mod 设置中出现更大的告示牌种类,它们也是默认禁用的,需要根据需要启用。你会发现,修改出来的告示牌贴图和描述会有点问题,这个是由于资源有限导致的。后续版本中我会尽可能的解决,但不要太期待。


The main function at present is to add a set of signs to display items.
  These signs are disabled by default and can be enabled as needed in the mod settings.
  Since each sign is very memory-intensive, don't enable too many types.
  Also if you think the sign is still too small, you can find a file named constants.lua in the mod zip. The first line of this file has a param named sign_max_level, can be changed to the value you want. After change and save, there will be appear new, big signs settings in mod settings. The new settings are also disabled by default, enable as needed. You will find that the modified brand map and description will be a bit problematic due to limited resources. I will try to solve as much as possible in subsequent versions, but don't expect too much.