SI Ancient Ruins

古代遗迹【敌对炮台】/Ancient Ruins [Hostile fort]
2 months ago
Owner: Sidoupiar
Source: N/A
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 2 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.3 (2 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 132 times

这个 mod 旨在增加敌人的多样性,当然也会有一些奖励。


遗迹使用一个独立的阵营,默认会攻击所有其他的阵营,但是游戏内建的敌对阵营(也就是虫子所在阵营)除外。原本遗迹也是会攻击虫子的,现在默认禁止了这种行为,这是综合了性能考虑做出的改变,如果喜欢原来的遗迹行为,现在可以在 mod 设置中手动修改;这个行为可以随时更改,但是每次更改都需要重新启动游戏,记得存档。

This mod is designed to increase the diversity of the enemy, and of course there will be some rewards.

About Ancient Ruins:

Ancient Ruins use another force in game and will attack all other forces except enemy. In old version of this mod, Ancient Ruins also would attack enemy, but it takes a lot of lag, so I disable it. Then now, you can enable it again in mod settings, you can change it any time, and you need to restart game after change, remember save the game.
  Now Ancient Ruins are only some small or medium base. More larger base and more rewards is coming. And will also add a technology tree about Ancient Ruins. There are some item, can only get in Ancient Ruins Rewards. Some Ancient Ruins have Crafting Machine, this is a way that can get items only output in Ancient Ruins automation.
  Ancient Ruins are designed positioning middle or late stages of game, so in early game, Ancient Ruins are very hard to destroy. You can set [Ruins safe distance] in mod settings more larger, and get more space to develope.
  In current version Ancient Ruins will only attack the entities that can be aimed with player by [space] key.
  Ancient Ruins create setting can change in any time in game, and will effect immediately.