xors (optional) Space Exploration (+ Krastorio 2) tweaks and additions

by xor50

Tweaks and additions of various small things for SE (and K2 if installed). All toggleable via settings! Check mod description for list.

7 days ago
17 days ago
Latest Version:
1.2.5 (7 days ago)
Factorio version:
126 times

Current features and settings are:

  • feature: add a recipe for landfill from coal
    Similar to the other landfill recipes in SE.
  • feature: enable cryo-cooled ingot casting recipes and tech
    Faster ingot casting recipes via cryo cooling!
  • feature: enable water-cooled ingot casting recipes and tech
    Faster ingot casting recipes via water cooling!
  • balance: make molten metal denser
    Increases density of molten metal by a factor of 2. Note: Denser doesn't mean more ingots from same amount, but means easier transportation in high volumes.
  • balance: increase crafting speed of Casting Machine from 1 to 2
    Because SE default is crazy and you need an insane number of casters.
  • balance: make kiln recipes available in higher tier furnaces
    Kiln recipes are e.g. stone -> stone bricks. This option is basically reverting a SE 0.6 change.
  • balance: enable possibly nicer Thermofluid recipe numbers
    ...for possibly nicer ratios of Radiators. (e.g. instead of 50 -> 49 it's now 51 -> 50)
  • K2 fix: swap output slots of Electrolysis Plant
    ...to match inputs of Chemical Plants for some recipes.
  • K2 fix: enable fix for oversight that cargo size of logi bots is too large
    Will get removed from mod if fixed officially.
  • K2 feature: enable advanced Explosives recipe and tech
    Advanced alternate recipe for Explosives made via Ammonium Nitrate.
  • K2 feature: enable Mineral Water filtering recipe and tech
    Enables filtering Mineral Water to Polluted Water (which means it can be further filtered to clear Water).
  • K2 feature: enable fuel value for Hydrogen and Light Oil
    Fluids with fuel value can be used in generators that take fluids like the K2 Gas Power Station or the SE Fluid Isothermic Generator.
  • (K2) feature: enable 415°C Steam recipe in the Electric Boiler
    415°C is what Steam Turbines in K2 take.
  • (K2?) feature: enable 900°C Steam recipe in the Electric Boiler for whatever reason
    It's probably good for something... right?
  • K2 balance: reduce AAI Industrial Furnace module slots by 1
    Because otherwise the K2 Advanced Furnace isn't enough of an upgrade.
  • K2 balance: reduce Advanced Chemical Plant crafting speed from 8 to 6
    Because it was way too strong. It is still very good and still has increased module slots.
  • K2 balance: enable rebalance of Uranium Fuel Cell cost (Read the info of this option!)
    Slightly reduces the cost because it was unreasonable high. (Also accordingly balances the output of the reprocessing recipe.) Note: enabled/disabling this option after setting up uranium fuel cell reprocessing means you need to re-set the recipes in the centrifuges!

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