Resource spawning ingame

by OwnlyMe

Allows you to spawn modded resources at random locations, no more starting over after installing a mod with custom resources. Enter 'spawn resource' to open the gui.

2 years ago
0.16 - 0.18


- Fixed a crash caused by the usage of a deprecated gui style
- Polished guis
- Added better feedback for where resources were spawned and how many.
- Changed frequency algorithm
- Added randomness multiplier
- Average resources per patch now match the amount you chose

- Updated for 0.17

- The underwater check only works in discovered regions (Fixed a crash)
- Fixed a crash when you updated from version 0.16.2
- The gui now works for every admin

- Added option to change min distance from base seperately
- Compatibility with limited map sizes
- Added option to stop resources from spawning under water

- Fixed crash when generating huge patches and patches with very low yield
- Fixed error caused by interaction with other interfaces