Resource Siphon deprecated

by Yehn

Adds a building that siphons nearby resources, allowing for mining setups with very few entities. The siphon is available immediately, but requires a lot of power and produces a lot of pollution. Works with productivity research.

3 years ago
3 years ago
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0.17.10 (3 years ago)
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Note: Void chests are not part of the mod, but were simply used for testing.

The Basics

The ore siphon harvests nearby resources.

  • Produces 7.5 ore/s, or 300 ore/m; equivalent to 15 electric drills
  • Consumes 2.7MW of power (approximately 30 electric drills)
  • The search area starts as a 15 tile square-radius, but can be increased through research
  • Produces very high pollution
  • Requires inserters (or if you have a mod with loaders, those can also be used)
  • No research required - as soon as you can power one, you can use it
  • Mining Productivity research is applied - you'll siphon more efficiently as you progress in this technology
    • With each level of Mining Productivity, ore deposits on the ground will drain more slowly
    • Mining Productivity does not reduce electricity consumption and pollution production per-ore
  • Can only siphon basic ores - those that need fluid or are fluid must be conventionally mined or pumped (but they may be added in the future)
  • Should automatically detect and be able to harvest modded ores, as long as they meet the requirements above.

On Perfomance

  • This mod runs extremely lean. In personal testing, 14 active siphons averaged less than 10 μs (< 0.01 ms) per update - sometimes less than 5. 600 active siphons still usually averages under 50 μs most of the time for me, but occasionally went up to 80 μs for a little.
  • The main performance hit is when the recipe is changed, as the siphon must calculate the resources in range - typically this should not be noticeable, except if you do something like use modded uber bots to build several hundred at once.

Is this mod OP?

This mod was made because I enjoyed Satisfactory's resource system a lot more than Factorio's. By Factorio's conventions, Satisfactory's resource system* is definitely OP. So in short, yes. This mod is here to let you focus more on the production line aspects of the game, and less on putting down so many miners and so on.

✱A literal translation (making a small number of infinite nodes) has its issues with Factorio's autoplace (mapgen) system. So this mod attempts to follow the spirit of simplified mining, while still keeping outposts necessary.