Resized Buildings

by StefanT

Resizes oversized buildings to a more usable scale. Supported mods: Angel's mods with addons, Bio Industries.

3 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.1.6 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
1390 times

There are some mods that I like a lot, but unfortunately they have quite large buildings. A popular example are the buildings of Angels. This small mod reduces the size of several buildings to better match the stock Factorio buildings.

Adding the mod to an existing game is possible, but it will break your factory as the existing buildings are smaller once the mod is loaded. They still function, so it is only a matter of adjusting the stuff around them. Some buildings were not resized on purpose because the do not look good in a smaller scale. This are mostly buildings that have pipe connections.

The mod contains a configuration file where resizing can be disabled per mod.

The following mods and buildings are supported:

Angel's Bio Processing

Angel's Ore Silos Addon

Angel's Petrochem

Angel's Pressure Tanks Addon

Angel's Refining

Angel's Smelting

Angel's Warehouses Addon

Bio Industries

Version History

  • 0.1.6 Angel's Ore Silos Addon added
  • 0.1.5 Angel's Bio Processing added
    Angel's Petrochem: fixed oil tank, air filter
    Angel's Pressure Tanks Addon added
    Angel's Refining: added salination plant
    Angel's Smelting added
  • 0.1.4 Added Angel's Warehouses Addon, Angel's Refining Furnace Trigger
  • 0.1.3 Fixed broken bio cannon loading
  • 0.1.2 Possible fix for picture being a string
  • 0.1.1 Fixed broken upload
  • 0.1.0 Added Angel's Petrochem
    Fixed working animation of Angel's blast furnace (and possibly of other buildings too)
  • 0.0.3 Added Bio Industries
    Fixed Angel's filtration unit connections (please note that this breaks existing connections of the unit)
  • 0.0.2 Added Angel's Refining
  • 0.0.1 Initial version with Angel's Processing


A big thank you to poma for implementing Angel's ore silos