Request from Blueprint

Upgraded requester chest that requests the items needed for a blueprint placed in it.

2 years ago
2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.18.1 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
667 times

This mod adds the Blueprint requester chest, an upgraded requester chest that requests the items needed for a blueprint placed in it.

The Blueprint requester chest (BRC) is unlocked with the Requester chest. Ingredients are 1x each of Requester chest, Advanced circuit, Electronic circuit. Chest is by default a 48-slot container that acts as a logistic Requester chest, but which has 48 request slots. These can be upped to 96 in settings, and the recipe doubles in cost also. If a set up blueprint is placed in the BRC, the chest's request slots will be set to the items required by the blueprint in the quantities required. The BRC only reads the first blueprint in the chest. Removing the blueprint will not clear the requests, but putting a different set up blueprint in the BRC will clear and replace the requests.

By default the chest checks every 150 ticks for new blueprints, and the size of the chest is 48. These can be changed in the settings.

I made this so I could get the bits I need and take them into a Factorissimo building to build the thing. It would also be useful to grab what you need to build that outpost, etc.

This is my first mod, so any feedback is appreciated. I've added Spanish and Swedish localizations, and any native speakers who'd like to correct me or offer localizations for other languages should definitely let me know.