Reaver's Storage

Combines multiple storage mods into one custom mod-pack.

1 year, 2 months ago
1 year, 2 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.0 (1 year, 2 months ago)
Factorio version:
309 times

I combined four storage/inventory mods into one easy-to-use package, complete with my personal tweaks to the mods. This pack contains Warehousing, Reduced Storage, LJD Vehicles, and 2x2 Chest.

With default settings, this pack will add the following items, or change inventory sizes accordingly:
1x1 Wooden Chest: 8
1x1 Iron Chest: 16
1x1 Steel Chest: 24
1x1 Logistics Chests: 32
2x2 Large Wooden Chest: 32
2x2 Large Steel Chest: 64
3x3 Storehouse: 160
3x3 Logistics Storehouse: 200
6x6 Warehouse: 800
6x6 Logistics Warehouse: 1000

Car: 20
Hauling Truck: 160

What this mod does: You'll find that regular 1x1 chests are a lot smaller than before, but fear not for there are plenty of larger types of chests. This mod does not make it more difficult to store items, only makes it take up more space on the ground. This is both a curse and a gift: when a chest is larger, you can have more inserters pull from it at once. There are a lot of very powerful logistics uses with these which you will discover as you play. When you get used to using larger chests, you won't want to go back to vanilla, I promise you.

The provided in-game settings are whatever the original mods had. You can tweak most things in-game or change anything you want by editing the mod directly.

Changes from the source mods are as follows:

Warehouses default to old size
Storehouse increased from 150 to 160
Storehouses and Warehouses now cost wooden chests to build
Warehouses now cost inserters to build
^ these bonus costs help to justify their size and logistical benefits, and also explain how they work internally
Some inventory sizes are further reduced (in particular all 1x1 chests), but not as much as Reduced Storage defaults
Both 2x2 chests have had their names changed (used to be Wooden Pallet and 2x2 Chest)
Both 2x2 chests have had their build cost increased
Hit points and resistances of most entities improved based loosely on their cost and capacity
Hauling Truck has weight increased, but top speed also increased (accelerates slower, takes longer to reach top speed)
Hauling Truck's graphic was moved slightly to better match its hitbox

I did not write any additional code or add new graphics for these mods. All code work and graphical resources is thanks to the original authors.
Credit: Anoyomouse & dgw, Kynaro, ACryInShame, YuokiTani, steinio, blauball