This mod adds a more realistic nuclear reactor, a breeder reactor and a cooling tower. The reactors are controllable via an integrated circuit interface, and have a dynamic output depending on their temperature. They need proper cooling, otherwise a nuclear meltdown will occur.

2 months ago
0.16 - 1.0


version 2.18.17   (2020-09-07)
- fixed an error during migration when also mod settings were changed
version 2.18.16   (2020-08-30)
- just an informational update to confirm 1.0 compatibility
version 2.18.15   (2020-07-22)
- hopefully fixed a gui error thanks to the help of arbu32
version 2.18.14   (2020-03-07)
- Fixed a gui error
- Fixed a startup error related to empty sprites
version 2.18.13   (2020-03-07)
- Fixed low res graphics
- Fixed a scram bug with decay heat
- Added new light effects from Mushroom Cloud 0.18+
version 2.18.12   (2020-01-31)
- Nuclear explosions now destroy cliffs
- Installed a new sound system for the explosions
- Added support for apm but i had no idea what formula to assign to neptunium
- Ownly's formulas now yield 15% more power/efficiency (still 10% less than advertised)
version 2.17.11   (2020-01-11)
- Reduced the pollution caused by meltdowns to adjust the increase in evolution-factor to the originally intended amount. 
(The relation between pollution and evolution factor was changed in 0.17)
version 2.17.10   (2020-01-02)
- Fixed a few minor bugs with the scram behavior
version 2.17.9   (2019-12-30)
- New graphics with all kinds of glow
- Improved performance
version 2.17.8   (2019-08-03)
- Simplified the inventory synchronisation, since you can now make inserters ignore an entity.
- Added complete support for Amator's Phasma
version 2.17.7   (2019-07-13)
- Fixed a crash due to the usage of a deprecated style property
- Polished the nuclear explosion effect
- Some gui improvements
- Added support for fuel categories from bob's revamp mod
version 2.17.6   (2019-07-07)
- Fixed a crash with underground heatpipes on multiple surfaces
version 2.17.5   (2019-06-17)
- Fixed an error with cooling towers build adjacent to each other
- updated ODS data file: RealisticReactors_Output_2.17_IngosMode.ods (see mod folder)
version 2.xx.4	(2019-05-08)
- Fixed a crash on servers when the server sends a message
version 2.xx.3	(2019-03-29)
- Improved compatibility with Solarthermal Energy (reverting their changes to heat exchangers and heat pipes)
- Fixed a crash when multiple heatpipes have been destroyed on the same tick
version 2.17.2   (2019-03-08)
- Added custom curves for Thorium fuel cells (MadClown01's AngelBob Nuclear Extension)
- Fixed vanilla reactor being missing after mod uninstallation
- Fixed startup error with MadClown01's Nuclear Extension installed
version 2.16.2   (2019-03-08)
- Added custom curves for Thorium fuel cells (MadClown01's AngelBob Nuclear Extension)
- Fixed vanilla reactor being missing after mod uninstallation
version 2.17.1   (2019-03-03)
- 0.17 update
version 2.0.6   (2019-03-03)
- Fixed a crash when building heatpipes on a new surface
- Fixed that the fluid amount signal got set to nil ("stats line 156 error")
- Removed building smoke effect when the power of the reactor changes
- Changed the result of Mad Clown's MOX recipe to a custom fuel cell
- Added support for the new versions of plutonium energy
- Fixed breeder bonus cells not being calculated correctly
- Fixed ruin not becoming unminable after changing the setting
- Reduced recipe costs to 3 modules instead of 5
version 2.0.5   (2019-03-02)
- temporary 0.17 release for the forum
version 2.0.4   (2018-10-20)
- fixed a bug that prevented the ECCS fluid from changing it's temperature
  (as reported by AdmiralTigerclaw)
version 2.0.3   (2018-10-19)
- Added radiation damage for non-vanilla characters
- Initial fallout radius now depends on the fallout duration to match the radius when radiation has to be respawned 6 times
- Default neighbour check delay is now 45 ticks
- fixed a bug where deconstructing an entity request slot with the deconstruction planer crashed the game
  (as reported by Speadge and Mortico)
- fixed a bug where a reactor runnig out of fuel would crash the game
  (as reported by hatifur)
- fixed a problem with dynamic cooling
version 2.0.2   (2018-09-25)
- forgot to include the russian localization by pnv25
version 2.0.1   (2018-09-25)
- reactors can now be started and scramed with the status button in the gui
- ownly's formulas: fixed 2 of the plutonium cells being treated as mox, increased maximum efficiency a bit
- ingo's formulas: balanced the bonus cell output of the breeder reactor for modded fuel cells
- optimized the neighbour check even more (now there should be no lagspikes at all)
- fixed the position of the flames on the reactor's heatpipes
- small bugfixes
- added support for RealisticReactors - Utilities
version 2.0.0   (2018-09-21)
- added breeder reactors that output additional used fuel cells
- reactor stats (power output and efficiency) are now dynamic, depending on temperature and (as before) neighbours
- reactor start and scram phase are now dynamic
- added gui for monitoring (click on the interface)
- added electric interface (energy consumption by starting phase, cooling and interface)
- new graphics for reactors and cooling tower
- added working lights
- added blueprint functionality (you need a constant combinator to build the interface)
- added a variety of configuration options
- added more meltdown options (mushroom cloud, permanent radiation, reactor ruins, sarcophagus)
- added fallout and radiation damage system (better armor protects better from radiation damage)
- improved fallout clouds
- fallout causes pollution and increases the evolution factor
- optimized calculation of neighbours
- fixed lagspikes, only processing a few reactors every tick
- various performance optimizations
- realistic reactor glow color, ruins glow too
version 1.0.5   (2018-08-15)
- fixed error with hr version of the cooling tower
version 1.0.4   (2018-08-13)
- replaced cooling tower picture
  (thanks to Sigma1 for providing the graphic model)
version 1.0.3	(2018-02-18)
- fixed incompatiblity with Factorio 0.16.24
version 1.0.2	(2018-01-17)
- fixed incompatiblity with Angels mods (angelpetrochem).

Important note: this update will brake savegames with version 1.0.1, see forum for more details
version 1.0.1	(2018-01-15)
- compatibility with nuclear fuel cells from other mods added
version 1.0.0	(2018-01-14)
- initial release