Realistic Reactors - Utilities

by OwnlyMe

Adds tools for the use with RealisticReactors: Decontamination/fire-extinguisher foam, Radiation protection suit, Underground heat pipes, Heat switch. (Doesn't require RealisticReactors)

7 months ago
0.16 - 0.18


version 0.18.3   (2020-02-04)
- Fixed a multiplayer bug that prevented joining a server with different settings
- Decon foam can now extinguish fires from fire department and fires on trees

version 0.17.2   (2019-05-02)
- Adjusted code for 0.17.35's change: "Renamed the character entity type and name from "player" to "character""

version 0.17.1   (2019-03-24)
- 0.17 update

version 0.16.5   (2019-03-24)
- added compatibility with picker extended

version 0.16.4   (2018-09-26)
- added low resolution graphics
- refresh rate of the heat switch is now dependand on the neighbour check delay in realistic reactors (at least 15, if RR is not installed 20)
- fixed heat switch being unselectable
version 0.16.3   (2018-09-26)
- added compatibility with mods that add new player characters
version 0.16.2   (2018-09-25)
- reduced specific heat of the heat switches (a lot) so there should be almost no heat loss on switching state
- reduced update frequency (underground pipes & heat switches) to 29 ticks
- made the heat pipe of the heat switches undestructible, unminable and unblueprintable