Reactor Interface Tweaked

Provides a less-laggy interface for reactors to connect to the circuit network.

2 months ago
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2.2.2 (2 months ago)
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A quick fork of GotLag's original Reactor Interface mod. This version aims to be less UPS-intensive by only processing one reactor interface update per tick.
The tradeoff is of course that the more reactor interfaces you have, the more ticks between each one's status being updated. This usually isn't too much of a problem, as even several dozen to a couple hundred reactors can be monitored / controlled with only a couple seconds between updates. But something to keep in mind when designing your reactor builds, don't rely on them for single-tick precision responsiveness.

Original Mod Description

Add circuit interfaces to reach nuclear reactor you build, to output the reactor's current state to the circuit network. The values can also be read by hovering the mouse over the interface itself.
Compatible with Realistic Heat Glow and blueprint friendly!

The interface's status LED provides some basic information about the reactor state:

  • Cyan: too cold to produce steam
  • Green: capable of producing steam
  • Yellow: at maximum temperature
  • Red: disabled by circuit signal

To manually add an interface to an existing reactor, place your cursor over it and press the Add/remove reactor interface keyboard shortcut (Control + Shift + I by default).
To remove an interface, press the shortcut again while the mouse is over a reactor or its interface.

Output signals

Current reactor temperature
Percentage of current fuel remaining

  • Type and count of cells in the reactor's fuel slot
  • Type and count of cells in the reactor's spent fuel slot

Input signals

Pauses the reaction

Sending the Stop reactor signal stops fuel consumption and heat production, while still allowing heat to flow from the reactor

Keyboard controls

  • Add/remove reactor interface: defaults to Control + Shift + I

Mod settings

  • Merged interface sprite (startup): Use combined reactor and interface sprite for improved appearance at night and when heated. Disable this setting if you are having graphical issues with reactors added by other mods. Enabled by default.
  • Automatically build interfaces (map): A new interface is automatically added to each reactor as it is built. If this mod causes performance issues, disable this setting and manually remove any unnecessary interfaces with the keyboard shortcut. Enabled by default.


This mod is designed to be as low-impact as possible. Simply removing the mod will remove all interfaces and leave your reactors untouched.