by maroder

Flying vecicle like airplane. You need to achieve a certain speed for take off.

11 months ago
0.13 - 1.1

i Rocket Lunchers

5 years ago

Why not? With the atomic bomb the enemy isn't a threat anymore, why not add a technology that allows to mount a rocket launcher with whom you could fly around and nuke aliens. It would be more fun than running around and nuking, and it would be a time saver.

5 years ago

You can add it for yourself or create a new mod, in which you will change / add what you want.
Copy / paste this line into the parameters "raven-1" and "raven-2":

guns = {"rocket-launcher"},
5 years ago

I am having a hard time to do that because I am not a programmer nor do I have any basic understanding of what goes where.
Could you please assist me with some detailed steps that I could follow to achieve that?
I tried to paste the line in data.lua, here and there, but the game crashed in the end, lol

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