by Mylon
Adds prospecting to enrich ore patches and higher powered drills to exploit deeper mining. Extends the lifetime of ore patches with some investment.
5 months ago
0.14 - 0.17
Owner: Mylon
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 1.0.5 (5 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.17
Downloaded: 5327 times

Prospector Mod turns normal mining into surface mining. To get at the extra ore, one must research Advanced Mining and Deep Mining and use the relevant prospector buildings near resource patches and give them time to find deeper ores. To mine those deeper ores, one must use the higher tier mining drills to extract that ore. Vanilla ore patches are less rich as a result, but with a heavier investment in mining more ore is possible.

Ore exists in three tiers. Normal, veins, and seams. Placing prospectors near to (within 12 tiles of) ore will start the process of finding deeper, richer ores. These deeper ores require higher level mining drills to extract.

This mod should be compatible with other mods that add new ore types.

Note: Fracking is now it's own mod. Get it here: Fracking

Update technology icons with something less ugly.
Add a hard-mode recipe for crafting new mining drills.


Version: 1.0.3
Date: 8. 3. 2018
- Adjusted the values of higher tier ores and mining drills. Should make it possible to mine higher tier angelbob ores with the Mk 1 drill.
- When starting a new game or converting a save, very small ore amounts will no longer cause a crash to main menu.

Version: 1.0.2
Date: 28. 2. 2018
- Added tint to Prospector and Prospector mk 2 entities as intended.

Updated for Factorio 0.16

Updated for Factorio 0.15
Removed: Fracking. Wasn't working and I'll publish it as a separate mod.
Changed: Higher level mining drills now produce less pollution than before. They still produce more, but as a result of higher power consumption. Not due to power consumption and pollution factor.
Changed: Mining times are faster for higher tier miners.

Fixed: Depleted prospectors now can be fast-replaced with a mk 2 prospector.

Fixed: Existing games adding this mod shouldn't be turning prospected ores to 50 yield anymore. This fix only applies to people adding the mod from scratch or pre-0.8.2. If you've added it since then and since saved then I'm sorry.

Added: Fracking. Crush stone and mix with water in a chem plant to make Fracking Fluid and pipe this into Frackers near oil wells to improve their yield. Frackers can take modules and benefit from beacons.
Changed: Oil is no longer infinite. Frack it to yield additional oil. This process can be performed infinitely.
Fixed: Only the builder is notified if a prospector is built out of range of any valid targets.

Changed: Improved visuals slightly so new buildings should be easier to spot. Special thanks to Anson for making this work.

Fixed: Should play nice once more with Angels, RSO, and other mods that change how ore spawning works.
Fixed: Miners sitting atop depleted ore will reactivate when those ores are prospected.

Changed: Resources now scale with vanilla spawn amount. Cuts out the guesswork. Tier 1 ore is 25% of vanilla, tier 2 is 50% of vanilla (cumulative 75%), tier 3 ore is 200% vanilla (cumulative 275%)
Changed: Tweaked the ore hardness and mining speeds. Tier 1 miner on tier 1 ore yields 25/min, tier 2 miner on tier 2 ore yields 15/min, tier 3 miner on tier 3 ore yields 15/min. Using a higher tier miner than the ore provides much faster mining but the ore will eventually need to be upgraded.
Changed: Tier 3 miners now have +1 range. Prospector Mk 2s can be mixed with tier 3 miners without leaving untapped patches.
changed: Deep mining now requires productivity module research.

Update 0.7.3
Changed: Resources should scale better with distance from spawn
Fixed: Angels Infinite Ores should no longer crash when upgraded.

Update 0.7.2
Changed: Resources at low spawn values slightly improved.
Update 0.7.1
Added: Mod now emulates the richness settings of the map and prospecting provides more or less ore, depending on settings.
Fixed: Fixed a typo in 0.7.0

Update 0.6.4
Changed: Tier 2 and tier 3 drills use less power. It's now 2x and 6x tier 1 power respectively (was 4x and 9x).
Fixed: Removing the tier 3 drill now returns a tier 3 drill.

Update 0.6.3
Changed: Tier 1-2 Prospectors and tier 2-3 mining drills now take longer to craft.

Update 0.6.2
Fixed: Now compatible with Angels Infinite Ores
Fixed: Mining Drill 3s can now extract from seams.
Fixed: Prospectors can now be fast-replaced.
Changed: Mining Drill 3s produce roughly 1/3rd of the pollution of before. They're supposed to be polluting, but not as bad as they were.

Update 0.6.1
Fixed: Stopped a crash caused when prospectors run out of resources to upgrade.
Fixed: Prospector Mk 1s were creating ore seams. It was intended that only Mk 2s could do this.

Coming soon:
Fracking to improve oil patch yields.