Power And Armor

Adds higher tier powerarmor and equipment

1 year, 7 months ago
0.13 - 1.1
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.19.43 (1 year, 7 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
80429 times

This mod adds several (quite overpowered) upgrades for powerarmor and some other things.

Adds equipment upgrades for:
-energy shield
-fusion reactor
-night vision (Still in the mod, but currently doesn't do anything due to me not being able to figure out how to make the vision less dark)
-personal roboport (even better than the one added in 0.15) and a personal dockingport (a personal roboport without construction range.)
-personal laser defence (two of these even!)
(generally they are twice as strong as the previous tiers)

- MK3 powerarmor with a 20x20 grid
- MK4 powerarmor with a 24x24(!) grid

Further QoL features:
- Recipes for upgrading your armour
- 2 faster tools, optional
- a medium power pole and a substation with larger powering radii, optional
- a large power pole that can span roboports, optional
- setting for all personal laser defences to use laser turret upgrades, defaults to false

If you have any suggestions , please do tell.

Changelog: 1.19.43
- Updated for 1.1
- Removed railgun
Sadly the devs removed the railgun, so I had to remove all related things...

- fixed versioning
On my other mod, charcoal burner, Xorimuth informed me the versioning I used wouldn't work. It'd only letting the 0.18 release be findable, so I fixed that, and I also changed the second number to 19 to avoid issues with updating and downloading the mod. I wanted the first two numbers to reflect the factorio version the release is for, but that'd have to wait until 1.19 then...

- Updated for 1.00
- Updated graphics for battery, energy shield, robo- and dockingport and personal laser defences
- Ensured the nightvision MK2 makes everything as bright as during daytime like it's supposed to
- Changed versioning since my original scheme wouldn't work for 1.00 (and sucked anyway) THIS MAY CAUSE ISSUES WITH UPDATING. This can be resolved by deleting the old zip and replacing it with the new one. (it caused issues for me while updating, but that could just be due to having multiple folders. I don't know how the factorio mod portal handles it)

- Updated to 0.18
- Made medium electric poles fast replaceable
- Gave electric poles the proper remnants

- Fixed PLD range

- Changed PLD projectiles to match the vanilla one
- Added setting to change PLD projectiles back
- Updated localisation

- Updated to work with Bob's separation of warfare and equipment in his newest versions

- updated to 0.17.35, which changed two prototype definitions

- bugfixes

- bugfixes

- Slightly rebalanced technology costs to keep in mind the different intended uses of the new/changed science packs

- updated to 0.17

- Added setting for enabling the railgun
- Fixed the upgraded railgun ammos being hidden

- Fixed spelling mistake in localization (nuclear drill technology)
- Set nightvisions goggles mk2 to always work. The dip in brightness before they activate was annoying.
Did I forget to write a changelog for .30? I forget... At least I didn't forget to upload it.

- Deleted a trailing comma in one of the old migration files that caused the game to crash in 0.16.3
That was unexpected, but predictable.

- Updated for 0.16.x
Haven't tested with bob's yet, because that's not out yet, but it works without!

- Added the supercharged large power pole
Now the set is complete and you can make a perfect ropoport-large powerpole grid!

- Technology cost rebalancing
That was kinda necessary. Technologies were way to cheap compared to vanilla.

- fixed the previous feature addition to actually work
- previous feature addition no longer affects the discharge defence (maybe it should? tell me if you want a better discharge defence!)

- Added setting to allow all personal laser defences in the game to use laser turret upgrades. defaulted to off because of the power of even not upgraded mass personal laser defences
That was rather easy to implement. Feature requested by Tomik

- Removing tools and/or entities will now actually work.
Is this the last update for now? I don't know but I sure hope so. All reported bugs as of yet are fixed.

- bugfixes
Now everything should work as it should again. sorry for the flurry of updates.

- small locale fixes
- fixed loading of the power poles
- added supercharged big electric pole for the complete set
The newest supercharged pole can span a roboports range!

- small mistake in the modular recipe fixed, apologies.

- Full Bob's recipe integration! The recipes are modular and change depending on which of bob's mods are loaded. amounts and general items are always the same (plates, batteries, circuits, modules, etc.)
- Disabled items are now hidden instead of removed. if you add bob's warfare to your save for instance your existing equipment won't disappear. the recipes and technologies will not be loaded though
- armour animations. you can now see the player wearing the armour. (it looks like a MK2 though)

- Bugfix: my comment on .17 wasn't true

- Bugfix: settings now work as they should

- Under-the-hood changes: all prototypes are now preceded by PaA- and infrastructure for detecting several bob's mods I will add integration for.
- configuration is now using ingame settings.
- beginnings of bob's integration:
- most equipment is not loaded if bob's warfare is present as his versions are approximately the same.
- power armours require bob's power armours for upgrading.
- recipes are still the same, I will update them later.
- Railgun upgrade technologies: speed (to level 6) and damage (infinite)
- new railgun ammo: heavier ammo (separate tech) and uranium ammo (researched with the other uranium ammos).
The railgun is finally worth it: it one-shots spawners when fully upgraded.

- Locale is fixed! thanks to TheGegger
- moved migration to a dedicated migration script where it should actually be
I've learned how to properly do a migration script, Jay!, Also that damn locale thing is gone, Thanks TheGegger!

- 0.15 is here!
-Changed versioning so the middle number shows the factorio version it requires
- Nightvision does nothing better than the vanilla one. I could not figure out how to make the darkness go away. the vanilla one is amazing though so I might just remove it.
- New HD Textures! (adapted from the new vanilla textures)
- For even more OP-ness: MK4 powerarmor with a 24x24 grid and MK3 laser defence.
- Broken locale! Something broke and I don't know what... If you might have an answer, please do tell.
On a lighter note: you need about 36 MK3 shields to nuke yourself and survive unscathed! (only 2 if you barely scratch yourself, be safe!)

NB: There is no migtation from 0.14. this because 0.15 is not compatible with 0.14 saves anyway

-fixed a syntax error in the control.lua

- Recipes for upgrading your armour all the way from modular armour to powerarmour MK2
During my last playtrough I needed personal robots before I was able to make powerarmour and I hate redundant items

- an even faster tool
- a power pole and a substation with larger radii
- Configs!
I've been playing bob's and I loved the bigger poles and the faster tools. So, inspired by them, I've decided to add my own variants to this mod.
if you do not want the tools or poles (or cheatmodules) you can easily disable them through the new config file

Many thanks to FISHMANPET, KurioHonoo and Crushed who provided a solution to the problems in 1.0.9 (I failed to update the mod properly)

-Updated for 0.14

-railgun and railgun darts are no longer hidden
-fixed personal laser defense localization
I found the railgun and darts! you can now request them with logistics or filter them or other things like that.

-fixed railgun localization
-rebalanced personal defense mk2 recipe