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comments are welcome, they are encouraging and help guide this mod.

The current version of this mod is a pull From RealisticReactors, with a few changes that where in the old version of this mod. Thanks for a wonderful mod.

the changes make runing a reactor more chalangeing. and rapid changes to the powergrid, or damage
to it or the reactor systems could result in a Meltdown.
\Reactor signals

--Reactor core temperature
This is the current temperature of the reactor core. Don't let it reach 999° ;)

--Reactor power output
This is the current power output in MW. It depends on the core temperature and other factors.

--Reactor efficiency
The current fuel efficiency in percent. It depends on the core temperature and other factors.

--Breeder bonus cell production
This is the amount of bonus empty fuel cells, the breeder reactor produces. It depends on the core temperature and other factors. It only applies to the breeder reactor.

--Internal accumulator charge
This is the charge level in percent of the internal accumulator of the reactor. The reactor will consume it's needed electrical power from it.

--ECCS fluid amount
The amount of fluid in the ECCS.

--The reactor bonus level
This is the current bonus level of the reactor. It depends on the number of other connected running reactors.

--The reactor content
These signals show the number of fuel cells and empty fuel cells in the reactor.

--The current reactor state
The reactor will always report its current state in one of these four signals. See below for more details to the states.

-- Control Signal Start (change here)
This is one of the two control signals. Requires fule in the fule slot.
Send a value 1 to 100 and it will set the reactor to run at that power level. sorta like control rods in a real reactor. the Running signal will report the current reactor controll level.

--Control Signal Scram
This is the other control signal. Send it to the circuit interface of the reactor and it will go into the scramed state. This can also be achived by removeing fule from the reactor.

If you send control signals to the reactor, make sure to send them for more that 60 ticks (1 second), as the reactor state update function runs only once per second. So a one-tick-signal is not enough.

\Reactor states and how to operate it
This is the state when you build the reactor. There is no nuclear reaction happening, and the reactor core will slowly cool down to the environment temperature. In this state the reactor has a minimal electric energy consumption of 200 KW to power the circuit interface. This is the only state, in which you can remove the reactor from the map.
To start the reactor, you need to insert a fuel cell and send the Starting Control Signal to the circuit interface.
(note a new reactor will need 2 fule cells. as the first one will start to burn. causeing the fule slot to be emtey witch will shut down the reactor.)

During the starting phase, the reactor will consume an increased amount of electric power (3600 KW). If it's not properly supplied from the electric grid, the start will interrupt. The starting phase lasts 30 seconds, after that the reactor automatically switches in the running state. You can see the current duration in the Starting State signal, it will count down from 30 to 0.
If you need to stop the reactor in this state, send the Scram Control Signal to the circuit interface (it will override the Start Control Signal in case you still send that too).
changes to RealisticReactors here are.
A.Startup will burn fule at a minmum rate of 200%. but will perduce little heat, unless the reactor is allready hot.
B.Fule will be pulled from the fule cell into the reactor chamber till full over time as the reactor runs. so just becouse a reactor looks emtey dose not mean it is.

In this state, the reactor is producing power at a certain efficiency depending on it's temperature.
When the current fuel cell is empty, and there is another full fuel cell in the reactor core, this state will continue, otherwise the reactor will switch to the scram state. In this phase the boni (output and efficiency) from the bonus level are applied.
If you need to stop the reactor while it is still burning a fuel cell, send the Scram Control Signal to the circuit interface.
changes to RealisticReactors here are.
A.Control Signal Start value of 1 to 100 controlls the reactor power level. or burn rate.
B.Decreaseing the runing level can be done, However only to 10% of the current tempiture.
so if the runing level is at 90, and the reaactor is runing at 700C, you could only lower
the runing level to 70.

If you put a reactor in this state by sending the Scram Control Signal, removeing Fule cells from the reactor. (note the reactor will run at its lowest runing level, 10% of the current tempiture till it is able to shut down fully.)
To Fully shut down the reactor at this stage one of the two condisions will need to be met.
-A.let the reactor fully run out of fule. note there is fule in the reactor chamber, as well as in the burner bar. The Chamber fule will be used After The burner bar is low enough.
-B. Cool the reactor to below 110C,