Petrochem Plus 0.17 Redux

More chemicals to make angel's petrochem even more of a hell.
3 days ago
0.17 - 0.18


Version: 0.18.0
    - Updated to 0.18
    - Moved to newer versioning system to match the other mods i deal with
    - Updated the PCP plastic recipe icons to have numeration consistent with angels
    - Added a duplicate plastic 3 recipe to also make resin
    - Moved rubber-pelletisation to the pellet press if active

Version: 0.0.31
    - Fixed that rubber pellet production was missing from a tech unlock

Version: 0.0.30
    - Fixed that rubber recipes were enabling when no rubber uses could be found
    - Fixed the Neoprene recipes not enabling correctly (again...)
    - Initial rebalance of the rubber recipes (not as nasty for bobs ones as in 0.0.22)

Version: 0.0.29
    - Added a recipe chain for crumb rubber from liquid rubber, complex but yields a high amount of rubber from liquid rubber
    - Accidentally (possibly on purpose) removed the resin/rubber nerf, i will re-visit this later
    - re-added the PLA recipe that keeps getting hidden

Version: 0.0.28
    - Added a recipe to create fuel oil from cupric chloride, nitrous and synthesis gas

Version: 0.0.27
    - Fixed load order (properly this time) issue under certain conditions that would disable the new rubber recipes or have them enabled when angels recipes were disabled
    - Part of the fix also meant that apm's rubber recipe is compatible (but only works when bobs is active for now)
      This restriction is due to angels not activating the rubber recipes when apm is installed, id invite someone to make a compatability patch if you would like this feature

Version: 0.0.26
    - Fixed load order issue under certain conditions that would disable the new rubber recipes
    - Modified the icon functions to be more flexible
      you can now use custom chemical graphics (instead of using the auto-table) using the following two functions
      for fluid recipe icons: gen_custom_fluid_recipe_icons(icon,icon_size,formcode,state)
      for fluid icons: gen_custom_fluid_icons(icon,icon_size,formcode,state)
        icon: is the file location of the chemical icon
        icon_size: is the original icon size, the function auto-scales it.
        formcode is the colour code for the background drop colours (three letters)
        state is selecting the icon type
    - For more colour codes, please let me know to add them. NOTE: i may get this script added to angels mod, in which case i will let you know, or have a carry-through script to not break mods if you use this in the interim

Version: 0.0.25
    - Fixed issue with rubber overrides being called if rubber didn't exist (game without bobs)
    - Fixed an mis-communication regarding barrels when omnipermute was homoginising barrel recipes

Version: 0.0.24
    - Fixed that dichlorobutene was a little overpowered
    - Updated other parts of the mod to build icons based on the new function
    - Fixed the generate_fluid_recipe_icons(fluid,formcode,state) function to work correctly
    - made the backing icon sizes in the function a little smaller to mesh better
    - reverted an old change with regards to nitrous-oxide being taken as nitrogen-monoxide (see catalytic phenol)
      this will only activate if the phenol setting is activated
    - Fixed the generate_complex_fluid_recipe_icons(product1,formcode,state,product2,product3,input1,input2) function to work correctly

Version: 0.0.23
    - attempted to fix an apparent error relating to rubber not existing (i could not replicate it)
    - fixed a case where i was calling solid-rubber instead of rubber
    - Added 2 new Chloroprene Rubber (Neoprene) pathways, a butane path, and an ethane path
    - Wrote a function that combines icon parts (the gas and liquid ones work)
      I have not tested the more complex method yet.
    - the function also contains a database of icons for each of angels/bobs/pcp gasses and liquids
      i plan on expanding and integrating this more as i update the mod
        - fluid must not have gas/liquid in front, and must contain _ in place of - (table formatting was a pain, sorry)
          example: gas-hydrogen-chloride needs to be written as "hydrogen_chloride"
        - formcode is a 3 letter code that gives colouring for the background icon (see top of function file for code, i may expand this later)
        - state is either empty (for the oil separation style), "gas" (for the more spaced icons like acid-gas), "liq" (for the most common set)

Version: 0.0.22
    - Added Resin overrides to nerf bobs resin and rubber recipes, while boosting angels ones
    - New bobs recipe results (rubber smelting requires 25 resin, resin requires 8 wood)
    - New angels yields (liquid rubber 1 gives 40, not 10 rubber, solid rubber yields 8, not 4)
      While using bobs may still be easier, it should be a bit better balanced
      this is a prepatory step for further recipes later
    - Fixed an edge case conflict with Hexy's AB tweaks mod
    - Fixed a not so small graphical issue with gas bottles now having double fluid icons on them

Version: 0.0.21
    - Stopped the glass sink setting from activating with SCT and/or momotweak installed
    - Fixed conflict with Hexy's AB tweaks mod (may still have some issues, let me know please)
    - Fixed a small graphical issue with gas bottles not having fluid icons on them

Version: 0.0.20
    - Fixed that gas canisters tech was locked under certain mod conditions
      It is now unlocked after fluid handling

Version: 0.0.19
    - Added a setting (Default on) which replaces barrels with Gas cylinders (if bobs lib is on)
      These gas cylinder filling/emptying still work with angels auto-barreling
    - Fixed a bug relating to the glass sink mod not adding the vial to the advanced logistic pack
    - Added auto-barrel recipe for new fluids (not sure if they could be barreled before)

Version: 0.0.18
    - Added a setting to keep angels version of the Catalytic Synthesis Phenol recipe
       (to allow late game addition of this mod)
    - Fixed that catalysts were not being added to recipes correctly
      (Please check your existing recipe builds for phenol, acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride)

Version: 0.0.17
    - Fixed mod load order issue with shinyicons installed

Version: 0.0.16
    - Fixed the plastic wall being in own group

Version: 0.0.15
    - Added PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) as a new tier of bio-plastic
      may still need some balance, for now will not allow productivity.

Version: 0.0.14
    - modified a few things (not published)

Version: 0.0.13
    - Removed duplicates of cumene process and bisphenol-a, integrating angels items to the PCP recipes
    - Added plastic wall
      may still need balance, location is odd, i think other mods are moving the other walls.

Version: 0.0.12
    - Fixed that mod would not work without bobs plates

Version: 0.0.11
    - Fixed naming problems due to renaming mod from PCP to PCPRedux

Version: 0.0.10
    - Fixed a few problems
    - locale fixes
    - defaulted glass sinc
    - added productivity for recipes
    - increased yields for glass and plastic recipes to be more competitive
    - removed gas shift reactions (base angels duplications)
    - merged nitrogen monoxide (angels) and nitrous oxide (PCP) into 1 material
    - locale fixes