Overloaded Trains

by OwnlyMe
Train acceleration now depends on the loaded items (freely adjustable realism factor)
8 months ago
0.16 - 0.17


0.16.6	(2018-11-02)
- Reduced the base speed multiplier to 1.0 (from 1.3)
I felt like the acceleration when empty was a bit fast when the train was empty and had nuclear fuel (and really extreme when you had exoskeletons in the train equipment)

0.16.5	(2018-11-02)
- Fixed an error when a train was abruptly changing the direction

0.16.3	(2018-10-01)
- Forgot to remove the debug message when crafting...^^

0.16.2	(2018-10-01)
- No idea how that comma sneaked in there, now it should load^^