Old McDonald

by jackd23

Something about milking pigs.

2 years ago
2 years ago
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Something about milking pigs with a 14-cupped mechanised milking machine, that milks pigs within the 15 second milk ejection time caused by the hormone oxytocin, invented by Guy Petzall while eating bacon and drinking milk, and now available to dairy producers.

Pig milk and technical milking information has been acquired from a letter written in 1995 by Bradley Wolter, Pork Quality Assurance Intern at the Illinois Pork Producers' Association, now Dr. Bradley Wolter Ph. D., president of the Maschhoffs Hog Production Business, IL, with a Masters degree in Swine Production Management.

Listen, sometimes it's better not to ask questions.

Warning: Contains "programmer art" (and "programmer" sound effects (the making of))! If you would like to offer creating "better" sprites, feel free to post on the mod discussions page :) The numbers might not be perfectly balanced either, but if you want to offer balancing, feel free to post on the mod discussions page as well!

This is my first mod for practise. I consider it to be in an alpha version with more content to be added, including more pastures, more animal products, and farm stuff in general. Here's a quick run-down of the features.

  • Pig pasture, produces slurry, and pigs or pig milk.
  • Assembly machines produce raw pork and animal fat from pigs.
  • Furnaces cook raw pork into bacon.
  • Furnaces melt animal fat into bio diesel.
  • Bacon can be eaten, or (unrealistically burnt like solid fuel).
  • Adds versions of the stone and steel furnace that use liquid fuel.
  • Bio fuel can be used in liquid fuel furnaces, more environment friendly.
  • Slurry and pig milk can be turned into bio gas used as liquid fuel like bio diesel.
  • If you have Bob's power, you can fuel the liquid fuel boilers with these.

And now let us sing... ♪♫♫ Old ModDonald had a farm ♫♪♪...