Oil Patch Exhauster

by Apriori

Structure to exhaust depleted oil patches. Drains the remains of oil and destroys the patch. Looking for better graphics...

5 years ago
0.13 - 0.14
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.14.4 (5 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 0.14
1606 times

Now you can fully exhaust depleted patches of crude oil. Just place an Oil Patch Exhauster on it and drain the remains. But be careful, since exhausting process is started it's impossible to save oil patches due to their unstability. Either oil patches are exhausted or Exhauster is dismounted or destroyed - oil patches get destroyed as well.

If you'll place Exhauster above several oil patches, drain speed will be multiplied by their number. Note that if oil patch is not depleted exhauster wont process it.

If you'll hover the mouse pointer above Exhauster, a GUI will appear - so you can monitor exhausting process per patch: one patch - one progressbar.

See config to change Exhauster's capacity and the remaining yield (defines which patches to consider depleted).

Thanks to bSun0000 for his mod "StoneWaterWell" - I've used it as base for mine.
Looking for better graphics, if you have - you are welcome. Or help me to find tools for isometric drawing. Or just use as is. =)

[2016.08.12] 0.0.1: - Initial start
[2016.08.13] 0.0.2:
• memory usage optimization;
• now oil patch exhauster ignores patches that are not depleted (see config).
[2016.11.02] 0.14.1:
• added GUI that appears when you hover the mouse pointer above Exhauster, it lets you to monitor exhausting progress per patch.
[2016.11.03] 0.14.2:
• small bugfix and performance improvement.
[2016.11.03] 0.14.3:
• fixed error on game load.
[2017.04.18] 0.14.4:
• now oil multiplier is configurable (config.lua). Thanks to xeln4g4 for his comment.
I couldn't optimize new graphics for the exhauster... It's in the graphics folder.