Ober3550's BobsAngels Overhaul

This mod nerfs bobs and angels to make the game more balanced throughout. Especially including megabasing

1 year, 3 months ago
0.16 - 0.17
2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.17.9 (1 year, 3 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.17
2328 times


For large quantities of ore in end game rather than expanding the map indefinitely or teleporting to a far off location use the angels infinite ore. If you want an extra challenge there is an option to turn off bobs ores. This just makes early-mid game take a bit longer but in the end shouldn't change the layout of the megabase.

Test Playthrough (What to expect)

This mod is aimed at people who enjoy bobs and angels but feel like the end game isn't satisfactory. It aims to balance the gameplay by making early game a little easier and end game a little harder.

  • Ore gen includes both angels and bobs ores. Including both but only angels being infinite means that eventually you want to do all the angels refining but you don't have to.
  • Red Science - unchanged.
  • Green Science now requires a fast inserter and small wooden powerpole for two.
  • Blue Science requires gold, aluminium, steel axes and red circuits.
  • Military science requires much less steel, now being gunmetal, invar and a grenade.
  • Logistics science is a brass chest, an express belt and a robot frame.
  • Production science is now mk4 pumps (9 different metals), 2 polished gems, Sapphire and Ruby, cobalt steel axe and blue circuits.
  • High tech Science requires mk5 mining drills which requires 9 different metals, 5 uranium 238 (uranium processing now can be unlocked separate to nuclear), 30 silver cables and 10 rubber.
  • Space science, petrochem makes the rocket fuel hard enough, SpaceX makes LDS take titanium but nothing changes RCUs therefore they now take prod 2s and advanced processing units.
  • 3 Tiers of labs which are all necessary.

  • Petrochem can't be cheesed: resin is now handcraft only besides the petrochem method

  • Rubber from smelting resin is removed rightfully reinstating the 4 petrochem products. Resin --> Plastic --> Lubricant --> Rubber.
  • All the modules have been nerfed compared to bobs but are still relatively op compared to vanilla. All the modules have very high energy consumption but using a combination of prod, speed and efficiency is now very very important for mid game.
  • There are no longer mk2 or mk3 beacons.
  • All machines (except mining drills) have a max of 4 module slots allowing for 120% prod in end game. Speed modules are 80% max.
  • Every second tier of module costs twice the previous which makes them more expensive than previous.
  • Added ingredients to compact solar to align it with bobs solar and accumulator costs (compact solar is much better).
  • Changed steam turbine to require highest tier steam engines so steam -> nuclear.
  • Portable fusion reactors require high tech so portable solar is a must but not necessarily worse with mk4 panels.* Added recipe to convert old solar panels into portable fusion reactors.
  • Train wagons are 20, 40, 60 slots because ore stacks to 200 the base train even though only having 20 slots will on average be double a vanilla train.
  • Bobs military is much simpler, removed many of the recipes and stuck to ammo -> piercing -> bob-ammo -> uranium rounds. Cordite is easier. No 10 different small intermediates.
  • I fixed angels concrete and now all concretes and refined concretes are used in the angels recipes.
  • There are no electronics assemblers (this is just because I feel that they don't align with the way you usually play the end game and are a gimmick at best early game.
  • Belt speeds are a 2^N progression being 1,2,4,8. Belt costs adjusted.
  • Belt Immunity Equipment added

Theres probably quite a few more things I can't remember.