Next Gen Evolution

by Qon

Nests absorbing pollution causes evolution to increase instead of when it is produced. An improvement to vanilla pollution evolution behaviour. Default values are balanced to allow you to turn vanilla pollution evolution factor off without changing difficulty but everything is Qonfigurable. Doesn't impact UPS. /ngevolution to see evolution factor

1 year, 5 months ago
0.17 - 1.1
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.2.0 (1 year, 5 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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Improved pollution evolution behaviour!

Evolution increases when pollution is absorbed by spawners (and some other configurable things). Because the vanilla pollution produced factor increases evolution regardless of whether the pollution hits the nests or is absorbed by grass or a pollution filtering entity (added by other mods). With this mod you can make true eco friendly bases!

/ngevolution is like /evolution but also shows how the evolution factors from NGE contributes to the total.


The default values were chosen to not affect balance too much and not force you to go green. They are simply supposed to improve the evolution model and give somewhat similar evolution effects but without counting pollution that is safely absorbed. Default values give pollution that does hit nests more impact because most pollution is absorbed by trees anyways. But you can change the values to your preferences if you want pollution to be really punishing or not that effective.


The mod doesn't affect your UPS regardless of the size of your factory or how much pollution is absorbed etc.

How to choose values:

The mod has the same evolution scaling behaviour as vanilla evolution behaviour (slows down as you reach 100% etc) and can be used and combined with vanilla evolution. The settings values mean the same thing as the comparable settings in Map gen settings > Enemy > Evolution so you don't have to guess how much "9" is in the mod settings compared to the vanilla settings! The settings are possible to change on the fly while playing in case you need to!

The default values and how they were chosen to match the default vanilla "Pollution produced evolution factor" (which is 9):

  • spawner-absorb default: 45. "Pollution produced evolution factor" is 9 with default settings in vanilla. This is higher but generally, much less pollution hits the spawner compared to how much is produced since the ground and trees will absorb massive amounts. So this is why a higher value was chosen.
  • dying-tree-absorb default: 9. Same as vanilla pollution-produced factor. With this you can set the vanilla evolution due to pollution to 0 and get comparable evolution results. So evolution happens not when produced but instead when the environment is damaged. But it's a default that is the same as vanilla default and this is where most pollution is mostly absorbed for the first hours.
  • nature-absorb default: -3. This rewards you for emitting some light amount of pollution. Plants do like CO2 pollution. But they don't like toxic chemicals so don't pollute too much because then they will get damaged and evolution rises instead.
  • nature-killed default: 20. Default for killing spawners is 400 in vanilla. This way 20 trees causes same evolution as 1 spawner. So you can't freely chop down trees before they get hurt by pollution. Because then you would be incentivized to kill trees to get less evolution.
  • natives-killed default: 0. Zero is a good default. Having this higher would mean you are really forced to keep pollution cloud away from spawners or you will get double punishment when you defend yourself. The options above give you an alternative evolution model that can replace the vanilla evolution due to pollution without really changing the difficulty unless you tweak the values. This option is for those who want it. Worms are not included here.

The evolution model for the added settings was implemented so that the default scaling behaviour that you expect is still there. The vanilla behaviour is such that the evolution factor number goes up slower when it approaches 100%.

The mod alters the presets to start them at 0 for the 'pollution produced' vanilla evolution factor so you don't have to edit those manually for every new map you start and you don't get doubly punished for your pollution. But you can have both on if you want to. For already started maps I recommend Change Map Settings by Bilka.

Mod requested by zOldBulldog

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