MSP - 30 new Science Packs

Play with 30 new science packs and a new technology tree (if omniLib enabled) that adds efficiency tech to the various science packs. This mod is not an extension to lovely_santa's mod by a similar name. It adds 30 science packs but they are all pretty inexpensive. A TON of customization exists for the mod and individual packs can be disabled. Mod integration engine designed to add pack types to entire tech tree (only applies to technology that can be traced back to vanilla tech). Optional inclusion of omniLib enables new tech tree that unlocks various levels of efficiency tiers for each pack that will auto-update machines when research completes.
a month ago
0.16 - 0.17


Questions regarding OmniLib integration:
Q: Is omniLib required and what does it do?
A: I will try to keep omniLib optional for as long as possible, but i do suggest you include it if there are no problems, as many great features are now only active if omniLib is detected. It dynamically generates recipes and research levels for each of the 30 packs (or whichever ones are enabled) and these increase the yield/efficiency of crafting said packs. if omniLib's map setting for auto-update is enabled (it is by default) then when the research is completed related to pack-efficiency then machines crafting the recipes will auto-update to the next level, saving you time and energy. On large worlds auto-update may cause slow downs so omniLib does have a map-setting option to opt-out of usingauto-update.

Q: I added more science by lovely_Santa and nothing changed.
A: Not a question. The two mods, though similarly named are not linked. Lovely_Santa's mod changes vanilla science pack recipes to include fluids and bottling mechanics, crafted using combinations of chem-labs for fluid crafting and assemblers for the actual bottling. MSP adds 30 new science packs, should not interact with vanilla science recipes at all, and should not interfere with lovely_santa's mod's recipes or mechanisms, however: depending on specific mod selection, it may be possible with both enabled to get the game to a stage where it is impossible to progress further than a certain point.

Q: What are these new config options?
A: The descriptions should give fairly concise explanations, just hover over them and they should explain. If you are still confused, pop over to discord and ask.

Q: Which technology unlocks pack [x] ?
1 - Ore science is unlocked from the game's start. Depending on what mods you have enabled, getting basic iron and copper ore may actually take some time.
2 - Early Science - unlocked by researching Optics
3 - Defense - unlocked by "Turrets"
4 - Light - unlocked by "Electronics"
5 - Energy - unlocked by "Automation 2"
6 - Steel - unlocked by "Advanced Material processing"
7 - Circuit Network - unlocked guessed it..."Circuit Network"
8 - Fluids - unlocked by "Oil Processing"
9 - Solar - unlocked by "Electric Energy Accumulators
10 - Chemical - unlocked by "Sulfur Processing" - requires chem lab to craft
11 - Railway - unlocked by "Rail Signals"
12 - Robot - unlocked by "Construction Robotics" - requires chem lab to craft
13 - Flame - unlocked by "Flamethrower"
14 - Tank - unlocked by researching "Tanks"
15 - Laser - unlocked by researching "Laser Turrets"
16 - Combat Robots - unlocked by researching "Combat Robotics"
17 - Energy Distribution - unlocked by "Electric Energy Distribution 2"
18 - Modules - unlocked once productivity module 2 has been researched. (may change due to mods)
19 - Nuclear - unlocked along with researching "Nuclear Power"
20 - Assembling - unlocked once Assembler 3 is unlocked ("Automation 3")
21 - Equipment - unlocked by researching "energy shield MK2 equipment"
22 - Express - unlocked by researching "Logistics 3" (which unlocks express belts)
23 - Transmission - unlocked by researching beacons (technically: "Effect Transmission")
24 through 27 are all unlocked with the research "Logistics System"
28 - unlocked when you reach "Artillery"
29 - Atom Bomb - unlocked once you unlock the atomic bomb
30 - Mini Rocket - unlocked once you research the rocket silo.

Q: A science pack's recipe is missing from the technology i know should unlock it.
A: This is another mod's fault. Instead of adding an effect to an existing vanilla technology, they've overridden the effects table, breaking compatibility with any mod that wishes to use that vanilla technology as well. The proper method for modders to include an effect in already-existing technology is to ADD an effect, not declare what the list should contain.
For players to resolve this: check what mod has altered the technology where the pack's recipe unlock should be found. Add an optional dependency pointed at that mod within the info.json of MSP's mod file.
For modders: If you wish to edit what effects a vanilla technology has associated with it, use an additive or subtractive method, not a declarative method that overwrites the list regardless of what it contains.

Q: Science is too expensive!!
A: ...It....shouldn' Most recipes give multiple packs as a result, and this number can be configured by many config options. Each individual science pack can have it's result count edited, as well as there being a global-multiplier which will multiply all those results for each crafting of the item. With omniLib enabled different config settings are used. read the descriptions for more info.

Q: some technology uses the 30-MSP science packs but others don't. How come?
A: The "Cross-Mod Integration Engine" must be enabled in startup config settings. This feature tells the mod to scan the entire technology tree and add any enabled MSP science packs to each research, based upon the packs required in its prerequisite technologies. This runs twice due to the way the tech tree is stored in memory (later-tier techs may show up earlier in the list and be scanned prior to their prerequisite counterparts. Note, however, that modded technology without a prerequisite already set up within this mod (currently only vanilla techs) will remain untouched, this was done mostly because specific combinations of mods can change the game in ways that (when combined with this mod) make the game impossible to progress through. A new option has been added to startup menu to resolve instances of this. That option will be explained next:

Q: "Game Progression Fix" option in startup configs
A: In certain circumstances, specific combinations of mods combined with MSP will cause a game-progression issues where the player cannot reach the next stage of the game. This is usually due to another mod changing a recipe of an item (or which technology unlocks it), altering the technology tree in other ways, or just simply removing an item from the game altogether. But I'm getting off track; This option disables all 30 of MSP's science packs from appearing as requirements to the game's technologies. It does not remove them from the game. It only prevents them from being added as requirements to the technology. Enable this, complete whichever research is causing the problem, and then turn it back off to resume play with MSP packs being required. I understand this isn't "exactly a fix" for these scenarios, but as it will allow games to progress without a manual fix for each specific instance that arises (there are now billions of possible combinations of mods that can be added to any player's game), this option will make it possible to just move on with the game in most cases i've seen.

Q: I updated all my mods and now the game says your mod has an error in it.
A: There are several possible reasons to this; To speed up discovery/debugging, make a list in notepad of any mods that are being updated whenever you choose to go and update everything. If it loads fine, great! If it fails: you at least know which mods you just changed and it is likely that one of them is the culprit. Of course, feel free to submit a bug report, if you can confirm that updating a specific mod caused the issue, that will help greatly. But if not, the more information you can give, the better. Please no reports that just say "i updated everything, and now it doesn't work."

Q: I'm unable to progress in the game. Science pack "X" requires a resource that only "technology 1" will unlock, but i can't research that until after I have science Pack "X".
A: I call this a cyclic-dependency error. It won't crash the game, but it will halt your progress. This happens when one mod makes a change to the game that isn't expected or known about by me. You can submit a bug report with the modification information for the technologies involved but what really helps are pictures, modlists, and knowing which mods trigger the interaction helps most ("if i disable such-and-such, your mod works fine again"). But now a new option has been added to the startup options that also makes it so you don't have to wait for a fix. You can disable the packs from being added to the technology costs.

Q: Playing with Angels refining, angels petro, bobs electronics, omnimatter, and omnicrystal and i can't figure out how to craft circuits.
A: Then don't play with those mods enabled all at once. :P
A2: In order to get carbon early on, craft the liquifier from Angel's refining. it requires the lower-tier circuit board that's just wood and copper. Also: get FNEI to check recipes and technologies required for certain items. it's great.