Adds more variety to biters.
11 months ago
Owner: Sovereign9000
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License: MIT
Created: 1 year, 3 months ago
Latest Version: 1.4.0 (11 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 3666 times


Version 1.4.0

Adds a variety of carefully balanced biters and spitters to Factorio 1.6. Also adds a minimal amount of turrets to combat the new enemies.

Difficulty is slightly increased due to variety of biters and countermeasures needed, but combat is still fair.

Enemy List

Explosive Biter

Explodes on death. Explosion increases with size of biter.

Tunneler Biter

Biter with the ability to tunnel beneath walls and shallow water. Attacks your base from within!

Sprinter Biter

Much faster biter that will charge after the player. A real danger to vehicles and power-armor users that like to kite!

Tank Biter

Large, slow biter with a huge amount of health and resistance. Ordinary turrets won't cut it for this brute!

Mimic Biter

Rare and powerful biter that does not spawn normally, but it is waiting for you in the forest...

Atomic Biter

Mutated biter that is fast, strong and explodes. Only appears if you dare to wield a nuclear weapon.

Titan Biter

The king of all biters. Extremely rare late game boss.

Fire Spitter

Spits a stream of fire that does heavy damage to turrets and robots, but doesn't affect walls.

Leech Spitter

Connects to your electrical network when damaged and siphons huge amounts of power. Keep it away from your powerlines!

Screamer Spitter

Rare spiter that summons biters in a large radius with it's call. Take it out before it's friends arrive!

Turret List

High-Velocity Turret

Reinforced gun turret that fires a single round at immense speed. Very effective against Tanks and Titans, but helpless against small enemies due to it's low rate of fire.

Seismic Disruptor

Uses ultrasonic speakers to prevent biters from tunneling within it's radius.


There are options to disable some effects of biters.


- Added changelog!
- Screamer spitters actually work now.
- Equipping an atomic bomb will allow Atomic Biters to rarely spawn.
- Better support for games started with old versions.