More Achievements

by Gangsir

Adds many more achievements for players that feel there aren't enough, ranging from progression based to difficult.

1 year, 10 months ago
0.16 - 1.0


Q: Will these achievements show up in steam?

A:Nope, both as mods are enabled by having this mod (so steam doesn't record achievements), but also modders aren't able to mess with steam's end.

Q: Can I reset my achievements?

A: Yes, there's an option in settings to reset achievements, though I'm not sure if this will also undo steam achievements.

Q: Your art skills are trash, can I contribute art?

A: Sure, hit me up. Always looking for better icons.

Q: Is this mod safe to install/uninstall in existing worlds?

A: Yep, totally, both to add and remove. You might have to repeat the action of some achievements to get them to trigger though, and depending on your world you might've already failed some.