More Achievements

by Gangsir
Adds many more achievements for players that feel there aren't enough, ranging from progression based to difficult. When used with Bob's/Angel's mods, it adds some achievements for them. See the mod portal page for a full list.
8 months ago
Owner: Gangsir
Source: Bilka2/Achiever
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 1 year, 5 months ago
Latest Version: 0.4.5 (8 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 5193 times

More Achievements is a mod for factorio that adds in a large amount of achievements, ranging from simple progression based ones, to ones that will give hours of challenge, like managing to make a base that launches one rocket per minute.

It also adds achievements for certain mods when installed.

List of all added achievements:

  • Crafting manually is too slow! : Place your first assembling machine.
  • Alien contact : Kill a biter for the first time.
  • Bitten : Get bitten by a biter.
  • The essence of Discovery! : Craft your first science pack.
  • Thomas Edison : Illuminate your factory with a lamp.
  • Mathematical! : Place your first arithmetic combinator.
  • Friendly Fire : Destroy one of your own buildings.
  • Atom Smashing : Build a nuclear reactor.
  • Tango down : Have a turret kill a biter.
  • Efficient miner : Reach mining productivity 16.
  • Looted : Pick up an item.
  • Copy and pasted : Duplicate the settings of a machine onto another.
  • Accumulating : Place an accumulator.
  • Depleted : Completely deplete a resource tile.
  • A brisk walk : Finish the game in less than 24 hours.
  • Hello world! : Talk in chat.
  • Deforestation : 100 thousand trees have been destroyed on this planet.
  • On the road again : Place a car.
  • Fully Automatic : Upgrade your gun to a SMG.
  • Unending Assault : Trigger 100 attacks by pollution.
  • One RPM : Create a base that launches one rocket per minute.
  • Two RPM : Create a base that launches two rockets per minute.
  • Bulldozed : Destroy 500 trees by running them over.
  • Let there be Light : 200 Lamps placed in the world.
  • Dedication : Research an infinite tech to level 50.
  • Maggots! : Upgrade your gun to a rocket launcher.
  • We didn't start the fire : Upgrade your gun to a flamethrower.
  • You forgot something : Launch a rocket without a satellite.
  • Ghosted : Place a ghost entity.
  • Praise the sun! : Have 10k solar panels placed at once.
  • Blueprinted : Capture a blueprint of a setup.
  • Convey your ideas : Have 10,000 transport belts placed in the world at once.
  • Well balanced : Make a blueprint containing 10+ splitters.
  • Gear mass production 1 : Produce 10k iron gears.
  • Gear mass production 2 : Produce 1 million iron gears.
  • Gear mass production 3 : Produce 20 million iron gears.
  • Steampunk : Generate 10GJ of energy per hour with steam only.
  • The olden days... : Win the game without building a fluid wagon.
  • Trains are too hard! : Win the game without building a rail system.
  • Don't panic : Launch your car into space.

With Bob's Logistics

  • Not enough hotbar! : Research toolbelt 3.
  • Domo arigato Mr. Roboto : Research modular roboports 1.
  • Belting around at the speed of sound : Place an extremely fast transport belt. (Purple tier)
  • Logistical Transcendence : Research advanced logistics and construction robotics 3.
  • Level up bots! : Construct a logistic robot MK4.

With Bob's assembling machines

  • Flash Crafter : Craft and place an assembling machine tier 6.
  • A refined taste : Craft and place an oil refinery tier 4.
  • We have chemistry! : Craft and place a chemical plant tier 4.
  • What if we could craft even faster? : Research automation 4.

With Bob's Mining

  • Mining the area : Construct an area mining drill tier 1.
  • No ore's land : Construct an area mining drill tier 4, ready to empty the land of ores.
  • Can I AXE you a question? : Craft a diamond axe. Get chopping.
  • Ultiminer : Build a mining drill tier 4.
  • Pumped up! : Build a tier 4 pumpjack.