Momo +(30)Science Mod

Add more complex crafting for science. An overhaul mod make for 30 new Science Pack(MSP) Bob's, Angel's. Reintroduce Bob'sExtended Item. >> Include MOD PACK <<

11 months ago
0.16 - 0.17


Version: 0.17.31
Date: 2019.11.24 
	- Error when not have SCT mod
Version: 0.17.30
Date: 2019.11.24 
    - Use library from MomoIRTweak and stdlib
    - Multiplayer mismatch issue
	- Duplicate production science pack recipe from bio industries
v. 0.17.29
- remove dependency for pycoaltbaa
v. 0.17.28
- remove temp fix for sci - 9
v. 0.17.27
- add more ingredients to angels-pressure-tank recipe
- reverse angels-pressure-tank fluid box size
- fix Controller modular can now craft from lead plate instead of lithium
v. 0.17.26 
- adjust some recipe that use copper plate
- fix missing technology for sct-materials recipe
- fix varient recipe bugs
- fix crash when not load angel's bio
- fix crash when sct and omnilin load together
v. 0.17.25
- adjust bobExtended electronics ingredients
- move some recipe to bob's electrolysis machine
- can now craft molten liquid copper from gold
- fix missing technology from angel's bio
v. 0.17.24
- angels machine now use more varient pipe
- nerf evolution nullifier
- [WIP] init py compatibility.(not have effect yet)
v. 0.17.23
- higher tier science pack need to craft in higher tier assembling machine
v. 0.17.22
- improve addition evolution reduce function
- most recipe now use more interesting material to craft
v. 0.17.21
- add green algae to solid alginic acid
- fix higher tier bobextended underground belt don't unlock
- adjust bobextended electronics recipe 
- adjust clay coke recipe
- add battery to some science
- add evolution nullifier
- add recipe cellulose fiber from wood plup
v. 0.17.20
- decrease overall cost in harder logistic
- add time evolution reduction
- balanced recipe for angel-bio compatibility
- balanced angels storage tank
- remove redundant valve from angels and advanced fluid handling
v. 0.17.19
- fix electric-energy-accumulators-1 => electric-energy-accumulators
- add function to get momo sci category
- add temp fix for MSP-9
v. 0.17.18
- fix recipe missing machine

v. 0.17.17
- fix missing recipe

v. 0.17.16
- fix error when player not have recipe-category bob-distillery
- add complex crafting for angel bio process science pack
- fix missing science vial in recipe when science cost tweak are enabled

v. 0.17.15
- bobextended electronics now use progress electronics and expensive wire settings
- add harder recipe for logistics

v. 0.17.14
- improve bobextended frame 1 unlock function 

v. 0.17.13
- remove tin-plate from transport-belt if player don't have basic-transport-belt
- balance vial recipe again
- fix angels-plate-silicon

v. 0.17.12
- balanced exporation token recipe from wood
- basic structure components now unlock at steel tech 

v. 0.17.11
- fix unable to craft memory unit 1
- balance vial recipe

v. 0.17.10
- fix when player don't have MSP-30
- advanced fluid handling can be unlock early
- improve evolution reduction feature
- add support for angel bio process

v. 0.17.9
- add compatibility with ScienceCostTweak

v. 0.17.8
- bio ins dart ammo cost least wood
- add battery to power pole
- change building-pack recipe to use iron stick
- omnilib now can craft green science 

v. 0.17.7
- hot fix add unlock mixing furnace to optics research

v. 0.17.6
- hot fix can't start when bobextended electronics disable

v. 0.17.5
- add advanced-plastics and plate-pack-1 back
- balanced science recipe to match version 0.17
- balanced robot recipe
- add bob extended electronics
- add bob extended melt ore to slag
- include glass into some recipe
- add modular chest support
- add lead ammo crafting 
- move gem to bob raw material

v. 0.17.4
- lamp now use glass
- add fix for omnilib
- move some code around to match it category
- balance some recipe
- fix crash when already have burner assembly machine

v. 0.17.3
- fix remove ingredient count limit
- fix for some mod combination inserter don't cost burner inserter

v. 0.17.2
- balance some recipes

v. 0.17.1
- add support for Bio Industries
- inserter now cost burner inserter
- mining drill now use burner mining drill

v. 0.17.0
- update to game version 0.17
- drop support for Pyanodons mods

v. 0.16.21
- balanced recipe
- add bobExtended engine
- recipe change (Red Fracture circuit, Logistic package) plate balanced
- (bobExtended) frame machine recipe balance
- buff solar panel can be disable
- add plastic bar and rubber to many recipe
- add advanced-plastics using angel liquid-plastics
- Hot Fix : Electronics assembling can now craft anything

v. 0.16.20
- add compatible for angels industries
- increase pyhigh electronics components stack size
- balanced recipe 
- fix (coke)coal gas recipe not override
- group angel industries into bob logistics
- remove fluid box from angel chem plant if not use 
- fix recipe using (bob)carbon instead of (angel)carbon if present for basic-electronics-components

v. 0.16.19 
- increase ingredient count of all electronics assembling machine
- (angel) increase Glass stack size
- (bobExtended) frame2 can now be unlock early

v. 0.16.18
- can't craft some item when angel not load
- (extremely) hot fix (py) duplicate ingredient in some recipe

v. 0.16.17
- fix (angel - bobExtended) unable craft floatation cell due to require zinc -> brass -> frame2

v. 0.16.16
- (pycoal) reduce copper cost of flask
- (pycoal) balance chain log -> wood(fawogae) -> coal if Bio Ins is load
- split locale file
- add bob'sExtended tech setting (currently no effect)
- support recycle of bob's pipe for underground pipe pack
- balanced recipe

v. 0.16.15
- add evolution decrease factor 
- Logistic package now use (x2)transport-belt instead basic-transport-belt
- fix crash without angel (again)

v. 0.16.14
- add bob'sExtented Gems (can be disable)
- update info.json
- (angel - pyHT) add Urea, Meat, Melamine, Cyanic acid recipe 
- (py) add sand chemical recipe
- (pyht) fix robot brain can't craft cause require higher tier material
- (pyht) fix duplicated Processing unit and Advanced Processing unit(invisible) icon

v. 0.16.13 
- (angel bio - pyhigh - pyTbaA) make sure can automate crafting pcb1 before coal-processing(py) research
- (30science) ingredients amount are now configable
- (py - 30science) change recipe of sci8 for balanced
- fix error for loading Pyanodons without Angel

v. 0.16.12
- (pyht) change graphic of electronics unit
- (pyht - expensive wire) increase cost of tin-plate in tin-wire
- fix duplicate item in recipe
- better reuse of angel's chem plant [code] (decrease bugs)
- (pyht) add pcb1(printed circuit 1) recipe without vacuum for early automate(fiberboard use angel's bio)

v. 0.16.11
- some recipe will automatic insert self to technology (decrease chance of stuck)
- electronics progress expand for py high tech

v. 0.16.10
- compatible with MSP remove science-pack settings 
- setting "expensive-wire-electronics" now use integer
- module processor recipe are now unlock in technology

v. 0.16.9
- fix where mod turn the player into blue guy for debug mode (debug mode unable to disable)

v. 0.16.8
- modules and electronics now compatible with PY High Tech (soft compatible, may stuck)
- add glass mixture recipe from pure sand (pycoal)

v. 0.16.7
- add some balance recipe for pycoal
- add compatible with aai-ins

v. 0.16.6
- fix impossible to craft Starter Science Accumulator chip
- balance recipe

v. 0.16.5
- add settings to preset for (30 sci) result
- balanced recipe of wood(pycoal) charcoal(bio-ins if present)
- nerf automater factory (pycoal)
- add recipe borax to fibreglass board
- reintroduce Bob'sExtented Longer Underground belt (can be disable)

v. 0.16.4
- change recipe of flask (pycoal - red science)

v. 0.16.3
- reintroduce Bob'sExtented Structure components (can be disable)
- add compatible for Pyanodons mods

v. 0.16.2
- remove Pyanodons icon :: will make compatible soon.
- fix crash with some settings combination.
- fix crash when Angel's mod are not present. 

v. 0.16.1
- forget to put petrochem in info.json

v. 0.16.0
- first release!