Momo +(30)Science Mod

Add more complex crafting for science. An overhaul mod make for 30 new Science Pack(MSP) Bob's, Angel's. Reintroduce Bob'sExtended Item. >> Include MOD PACK <<

9 months ago
0.16 - 0.17
1 year, 11 months ago
Latest Version:
0.17.31 (9 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.17
11476 times

version 0.17.23 update mod pack Momo Pack of pain!
version 0.17.9 add support for Science Cost Tweak (SCT) Have fun!

Momo +(30)Science Mod

Use with care may contain headache SEE PIC!

Change how you craft science pack. Yeah make the game harder for many reason. (play with x5 sci)
This mod add bob's stuff into 30 Science ingredients

MOD PACK => save file

use Sync mods with save

don't forget to update all those mods


Preset for 30 new Science Packs (MSP) science pack result
Reintroduce my old mod Bob'sExtended item

This mod is my side project
My main projects is a CMS game call COMPLEX SKY It a factorio meet city-builder without belt!!

will be in early access on steam soon
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This is work in progress mod maybe contain game breaking bug.
report bug in Discussion use tag Bugs
All recipe are done but not balanced.

Future plan :
== Add more Bob Extended staff [engine and motor]
== Py compatibility will comeback



for version 0.16 down here

Recommend: 30 new Science Packs(MSP) by usafphoenix
Recommend loadout:
1. Bob's (play with Bob only)
2. Bob's -> Angel's (play with Bob and Angel)
3. Bob's -> Angel's -> Pyanodons Coal-FU (recommend load Angel with PY)
4. Bob's -> Angel's(Bio) -> Bio Ins -> Pyanodons High Tech (full suit)
for playing with Pyanodon recommend using PyCoalTBAA

Recommend version for Pyanodon

Pycoal == 1.0.10

PyFusion == 1.0.7

PyHighTech == 1.0.9

Now compatible with py hightech but beware of bugs

future change may occur in electronics crafting tree (py hightech)
Use : Shiny Bob's Angel's for same icon in pic~


-- link only -- include mod settings