Mining Tools (+dynamites to provide new resources)

Tools to speed up your mining (pneumatic drills & fast mining drills), provide new resources (with dynamite or massive water injection) and even erase resources (with dynamite).

2 years ago
0.13 - 0.17
Unnamed license
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.0.37 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 0.17
26624 times

For details, complete screenshots, discussion, suggestions, questions or bug reports, please use the dedicated thread on the forum (link above), because there is no email notifications on this portal for the moment.


1.0.35 - correct config numbers
1.0.34 - correct tech costs
1.0.33 - include support to other ores (by airat9000)
1.0.32 - factorio 0.15 compatible
1.0.31 - use depleted event in for refresh test routine
1.0.30 - add lithia water and ground water for bob
1.0.29 - rewrite the refresh routine, so that it works in background.
- reorder control.lua to use local functions.
1.0.28 - change data-updates.lua into data-final-fixes.lua to correct a problem with angel ores,
and adapt dependencies.
1.0.27 - factorio 0.14 compatible
1.0.26 - make techno upgrade, to keep only one level of mining in the tech screen.
1.0.25 - rename first techno name to make the locale work on every tier.
1.0.24 - disable fast drill recipe at startup.
- adds yuoki resources N4 and F7.
1.0.23 - restore good wipe dynamite recipe
- adapt to new find_entities_filtered
1.0.22 - new icons for dynamite level 2-4 and sulfur dynamite, thanks to Jiryx ! (factorio 0.13.10 corrects the bug on dynamite items names)
1.0.21 - corrects a migration version compare mistake, item name factorio bug reported, corrected in next factorio version
1.0.20 - adds a mining tab. add support for angel ores. add dynamite tiers 2 to 4 for stronger effect. change injector anim (add barrel).
1.0.18 - minor bug correction
1.0.17 - new utils integration
1.0.16 - disable forgotten debug feature. Minor fixes.
1.0.15 - 0.13 compatible. rework of initialisation routines. Custom license. Hide injection recipe in logistics.
1.0.14 - correct a bug with global.ores not correctly fed in some cases. Change water-injection recipe : enable it but hide it (to be compatible with mod blueprint-string)
1.0.13 - delete potential remaining gui. pops a message when injecting the same zone.
1.0.12 - wipe dynamite disappeared from last version... reintegrate it !
1.0.11 - integrate 5dim ores and correct a bug while loading new ores, rewrite the whole new resources detection. Update dynamite icons.
1.0.10 - intermediate test version, not released.
1.0.9 - Improves multiplayer compatibility. Adds support to dark matter replicator mod and tenemut ore.
1.0.8 - Correct json dependencies, that can cause problem with some player configuration.
1.0.7 - Add support to moded ores (mods : Bob ores, Nucular, Thorium Mod, Crafted Artifacts, reactor). Increase zone radius if more ores types. Improve ore generation. Correct a bug when trying to remove oil with dynamite. Wiping dynamite does not explode anymore if no resource under them. Update german locale.
1.0.6 - correct a bug when trying to place dynamite with robots.
1.0.5 - correct a bug when a mined dynamite still explodes. Prevents opening of dynamite entity. Correction of the german locale.
1.0.4 - Adds locale for german (thanks to Apcnc).
1.0.3 - Prevents the player to exploit twice the same zone with the Water Injector.
1.0.2 - Initial release.