Maintenance Madness

by Arcitos

Adds a complete new game mechanic: Maintenance! Create a sophisticated spare parts logistics and bring your mall to its absolute limits! UPS-friendly and MP-tested - Now with a fancy GUI!

4 months ago
0.17 - 0.18
1 year, 6 months ago
Latest Version:
0.9.15 (4 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 0.18
2319 times

Maintenance madness

Admit it: You never properly fed your factory. But its a living being (as we all know!), and has been doing its tedious work without any compliant so far. But now it's time to care and to finally set up the logistics for supplying your machines with maintenance and repair materials: Supply your assembling machines with machine oil to get that joints back moving, clean your solar panels with fluid cleanser, replace broken bearings in your generators and exchange that one malfunctioning transistor in that lab over there. Your dedication will be rewarded with optimised machinery that works faster, better, more efficient and causes less pollution [this feature is still WIP].

This mod is made for players looking for a new, gameplay altering challenge

Please be advised that if you fail to properly maintain you base, malfunctions in critical subsystems will sooner or later cause an accelerating death spiral, leading to a complete failure of ammunition supply chains and energy production, rendering your base defenseless. To avoid this, try to design important parts of your factory redundant and always have some emergency maintenance supply available.

This mod is

  • UPS-friendly
  • MP-tested
  • Tested successfully with most big mods that add machines

This mod may be added to a running game. Resetting the maintenance state of all machines back to normal is possible everytime. To do so, simply uncheck the "Enable maintenance for this game"-setting. This mod offers plenty of configuration options to meet your desired difficulty level.

BETA-Version Please let me know if you have feature or balancing suggestions, thanks in advance!
Want to know more? The FAQ-Section provides more in-detail information to cover your questions.

Redundancy is key

Prepare for throughput losses and design your plants for redundancy in case of break downs

Good to know

If ALT mode is active, additional information will be visible for currently selected machines

High-tech maintenance

With better tech more sophisticated maintenance items will become available, like machine oil

Manage everything

If you need to prioritize the use of precious materials for maintenance or repair or want to differentiate your overhaul strategy for certain machine types: The new GUI provides the means to manage all MRO operations of your force.

The numbers behind

This mod is fully configurable. All stated numbers apply only to default settings. Feel free to create your own maintenance madness configuration!

Assuming default configuration:

  • 10 % of your machines are expected to be disabled by break downs at any time (in the long run)

  • The running cost of maintenance and replacement is about 11 - 13 % of your initial investment cost (= all materials required to build your factory again) per hour

  • For each 500 solar panels/ accumulators you need on average 1 liquid cleanser per second to keep them maintained