(MVC) Max Vanilla Control

Simple mod to edit vanilla settings/rates. Edit .lua files inside prototypes directory to your liking. Current settings make the vanilla game ~2x or more easy. Perfect for new players! Read description/changelog on mod page for more details: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/MVC
a day ago


Look at .lua files inside prototypes directory for details about settings/rates and to edit them to your liking

MVC 0.16.2

-Added ammo.lua file; buffed all ammo/shells damages and stack sizes
-Added defense.lua file; buffed all grenades, guns and turrets
-Added equipment.lua; buffed defenses and buffed portable power generators/storage by 4x
-Buffed portable roboport power storage and charging by 4x
-Robots now store 4x power; consume as default
-Buffed beacons effectivity and radius
-Doubled capacities of all chests
-Buffed repair tool
-Removed lab research speed variable; it didn't seem to do anything when set to below 1
-Reduced all research science requiremnt by 50%

MVC 0.16.1

-Created new file energy.lua to store all power related variables
-Added power consumption variables for boilers, assembling machines, furnaces, etc.
-Added power consumption variables for lamp, pump, lab, beacon, radar and locomotive
-Added wall, flame-thrower and combat-robot variables
-Added chests and logistic-containers
-Added locomotive and wagons
-Added pump/offshore-pump, lab, beacon, etc. variables

MVC 0.16.0

-Added player stat; increased stats by 2x
-Added electric-poles; upgraded wire ranges and supply areas
-Added lamp/radar; increased coverage area
-Added miners/furnaces; increased mining/smelting speed
-Added belts; increased speed
-Added assembling machines; slightly increased speeds
-Added inserters; increased speed to 2x
-Added Power sources; all power sources produce 4x energy
-Added accumulators; store 4x energy
-Added robots; move 2x fast, travel 2x distance and use 1/4th energy
-Added recipe for copper, iron, steel and stone; all produce 2x plates/bricks
-Added cardinal mod made by Nimphious
-Added Enhanced Flashlight made by grfwoot; slightly reduced lightcone sizes