(MVC) Max Vanilla Control

Simple mod to control all useful vanilla settings/rates. Edit .lua files inside prototypes directory to adjust settings. Current settings make the vanilla game slightly easier. Read description/changelog on mod page for more details: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/MVC
7 months ago
Owner: Tremor8848
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 8 months ago
Latest Version: 0.17.1 (7 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 492 times


Simple mod that shrinks most useful vanilla settings/rates into easy-to-read/edit files. Just edit .lua files inside prototypes directory to your liking.

Features and Changelog:

Note: Look at .lua files inside prototypes directory for details about settings/rates.

Version:    MVC 0.17.1
Date:       03.08.2019

  -Updated technology files according to Factorio 0.17.7
  -Removed demo-technology file from mod since it wasn't needed
  -Added resource_searching_radius for miners
  -Increased radar power consumption to 16x to match its sector reveal distance
  -Increased assembling-machine-1 and 2's speed to 0.75 and 1.25 respectively
        -Now Burner assembling machine from (EF) Enhanced Factorio mod better fits here
  -Increased player and turret HP by 50%
  -Increased default player mining speed to 2x and steel-technology bonus to 2x
  -Increased storage tank's capacity to 2x

Version:    MVC 0.17.0
Date:       02.28.2019

  -Added player.lua
        -Controls all player stats
        -Controls bonus inventory sizes for armors and equipment-grid sizes
        -Controls equipment power generation, consumption and accumulation
        -Controls portable roboport properties
        -Controls movement-bonus recieved from exoskeleton
  -Added inventory-size.lua
        -Controls inventory size of cars, wagons, chests and more
  -Added military.lua
        -Controls HP for car, tank, wall, combat-robots, turrets, etc.
        -Controls throw range for capsules; attack range for guns, combat-robots and turrets
        -Controls attack speed, turning speed and power usage for turrets
  -Added power.lua
        -Controls power generation, consumption and accumulation for varius entities
        -Controls wire distance and supply area for electric-poles and substation
        -Controls charging energy for roboports
  -Added recipe.lua
        -Controls result amount of basic resources such as iron-plate, copper-plate, etc.
        -Controls result amount of circuits and processing-unit
        -Controls result amount of all oil recipes
        -Controls result amount of iron-gear-wheel and landfill
  -Added speed.lua
        -Controls walking speed on player-made paths
        -Controls belts, underground-belts and splitter speeds
        -Controls miners and furnaces speeds
        -Controls assembling machine speeds
        -Controls inserter extension and rotation speeds
        -Controls construction and logistic robot speeds
        -Controls locomotive speeds
  -Added stack-size.lua
        -Controls stack sizes of tools, wood, landfill, wall, player-made paths, etc.
        -Controls stack sizes of ammo and capsules
        -Controls stack sizes of power-poles, belts, underground-belts and splitters
        -Controls stack sizes of miners, furnaces and assembling machines
        -Controls stack sizes of inserters, basic resources and fuel
        -Controls stack sizes of chests, robots, modules and more
        -Controls stack sizes of locomotive entities
  -Added misc.lua
        -Controls small-lamp, roboport, robots and module properties
        -Controls beacon, radar and rocket-silo properties
  -Added all technology files
        -Controls research cost for all technologies