(MVC) Max Vanilla Control

Simple mod to edit vanilla settings/rates. Edit .lua files inside prototypes directory to your liking. Current settings make the vanilla game ~2x or more easy. Perfect for new players! Read description/changelog on mod page for more details: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/MVC
a day ago
Owner: Tremor8848
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 5 days ago
Latest Version: 0.16.2 (a day ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 75 times

Simple mod that shrinks most useful vanilla settings/rates into easy-to-read/edit files. Just edit .lua files inside prototypes directory to your liking.

Veteran players who enjoy vanilla Factorio can also edit these files to make the game more challenging. All default values are written as comments right next to each variable for convenience. Any variable that doesn't have a comment next to it, it means that the value is already set to default.

Special thanks to Nimphious for cardinal and grfwoot for Enhanced Flashlight mod that I have bundled with my mod.

You are welcome to edit and redistribute this mod but please credit original authors.


Look at .lua files inside prototypes directory for details about settings/rates and to edit them to your liking.

MVC 0.16.2

-Added ammo.lua file; buffed all ammo/shells damages and stack sizes
-Added defense.lua file; buffed all grenades, guns and turrets
-Added equipment.lua; buffed defenses and buffed portable power generators/storage by 4x
-Buffed portable roboport power storage and charging by 4x
-Robots now store 4x power; consume as default
-Buffed beacons effectivity and radius
-Doubled capacities of all chests
-Buffed repair tool
-Removed lab research speed variable; it didn't seem to do anything when set to below 1
-Reduced all research science requiremnt by 50%

MVC 0.16.1

-Created new file energy.lua to store all power related variables
-Added power consumption variables for boilers, assembling machines, furnaces, etc.
-Added power consumption variables for lamp, pump, lab, beacon, radar and locomotive
-Added wall, flame-thrower and combat-robot variables
-Added chests and logistic-containers
-Added locomotive and wagons
-Added pump/offshore-pump, lab, beacon, etc. variables

MVC 0.16.0

-Added player stat; increased stats by 2x
-Added electric-poles; upgraded wire ranges and supply areas
-Added lamp/radar; increased coverage area
-Added miners/furnaces; increased mining/smelting speed
-Added belts; increased speed
-Added assembling machines; slightly increased speeds
-Added inserters; increased speed to 2x
-Added Power sources; all power sources produce 4x energy
-Added accumulators; store 4x energy
-Added robots; move 2x fast, travel 2x distance and use 1/4th energy
-Added recipe for copper, iron, steel and stone; all produce 2x plates/bricks
-Added cardinal mod made by Nimphious
-Added Enhanced Flashlight made by grfwoot; slightly reduced lightcone sizes