Kuxynator's Running Mod

Walk with smooth acceleration or cheat something: sprint in turbo mode, be faster if you zoom out, or ignore all obstacles in hover mode

8 months ago
1.0 - 1.1

g 被虫子攻击时是否失效

11 months ago



11 months ago
(updated 11 months ago)

Versagt es, wenn es von einem Fehler angegriffen wird?

Die Übersetzung aus dem Chinesischen ist meistens mehrdeutig.
Könnte man interpretieren mit "Stürzt es ab, wenn ein Fehler auftritt". Ich würde sage Ja, wie jedes gute Programm ;-)

Please write in english. 请用英语写。oder deutsch 或德文
But regardless, I did not know the mod yet. I will test it. Thanks

11 months ago

OK I tested this mod,
Now I understand what you mean with "damage". That could be an optional feature on mine (i personally dont need to bee slow if I need speed ;-)
I dit not found a real "adaptaptive" speed in this mod, only accelerating, with a slightly different algorythm.
I had to reduce the base speed to 20 in my base, but this is to slow outside the base, especially on damage.
The really "adaptaptive" is the goal in mine mod, adaptaptive by underground, by zooming out,, etc

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