Jail Break

Two game modes: PVP: Two teams fight a battle for their science robots. A mix o Wave defense and PVP scenarios, plus robots and jails. PVE: Defend your robots, and try to survive with your friends

6 months ago
0.16 - 1.1


Version: 1.0.51
    - Updated for game version 1.1
Version: 1.0.50
    - Fixed a multiplayer problem introduced on version 1.0.48
Version: 1.0.49
    - Fixed initial money to $500
    - Fixed money earned when player kill entityes fron its own team
Version: 1.0.48
Date: 14.08.2020
    - Version 1.0 release
    - Reduced evolution progress per round a bit
    - Removed explosive rocket soldiers from the PVE unit shop
    - Added CTRL+R to call your defense human soldiers
Version: 0.18.47
    - Added unit shop to PVE game, so you can hire some guys to help your defense
    - Updated cameras with zooming in / out
Version: 0.18.46
    - Fixed human soldiers wrong levels
Version: 0.18.45
    - Fixed some reported crashes
    - You can use CTRL+E key to call nearby droids to your position
Version: 0.18.44
    - Changed some button icons
    - Added fake humans as mercenaries on the shop and as bosses companions
    - Droid Battle challenge now also with humans. Big droids have lasers
Version: 0.18.43
    - Added new alien mercenary: The Breeder.
    - Back with random enemy death effects.
    - Enemies now spawn on groups
    - Special enemies are now market with small colored circle (brutals for eg..)
    - Science cost reduced to 75%
    - New droids are spawned on prison. Go save it!
Version: 0.18.42
    - Fixed research progress not being reset on game restart
    - Bots will not destroy friendly buildings anymore. Make sure you add a gate for them to return base
Version: 0.18.41
    - Fixed a crash on market prices
Version: 0.18.40
    - Fixed a crash on load
Version: 0.18.39
    - Updated to the new game sounds, to make compatible with game version 0.18.2
    - Boss Rounds: Each 10 seconds, each spawner contributes for generating a new boss. So kill spawners ASAP!
    - no more exploitation on money deposit
Version: 0.18.38
    - For PVE games, the button "GO" to call next wave will be always visible
Version: 0.18.37
    - v18 release
Version: 0.17.37
    - Fixed the unexpected round start chance and changed it to alert the players with sound and text chat
    - Enemy evolution rate reduced a bit
Version: 0.17.36
    - Fixed a crash related to removing the inicial yellow chest. Now it is not minable
    - When clicking start game, map generation will be much faster with a small freeze time
    - Doubled initial electric poles
    - Nerfed Brutals again...  
    - Reduced the number of brutals spawned to attack in a PVE round
Version: 0.17.35
    - Fixed a crash (disabled random enemy death effects for now)
    - Nerfed Brutals again (too much tears)
    - Trying to balance enemies on challenges by the number of players
Version: 0.17.34
    - Attacking capsules only after the second boss (round 10)
    - Added New Capsule Boss type
    - Special effects bosses (capsule and grenadier) will appear only after round 10
Version: 0.17.33
    - Unexpected round start only after round 4
Version: 0.17.32
    - Added unexpected round start mod config: default = 20% chance
    - Added some random enemy death effects.
    - Spawners in boss round will spawn attacking capsules each minute. Kill'em ASAP!
Version: 0.17.31
    - Trying to fixed challenge event not restoring player's inventory (again)
    - Nerfed Brutal Behemoths
    - Raised Bosses HP
    - Made resistances status visible to enemy units and bosses
    - Added Rocket Silo Construction mod compatibility. If added, teams will also have to construct their silo.
Version: 0.17.30
    - Fixed challenge event was not restoring player's inventory
Version: 0.17.29
    - Fixed a crash with grenadier enemies
    - Fixed challenges not starting in PVE games
    - Biter Bosses now have area damage
Version: 0.17.28
    - Fixed camera surface on challenges
Version: 0.17.27
    - Added 2 new challenge modes: Droid Battle (reward: gain one more robot) and Capture the Artillery (reward: not beeing shot by artillery)
    - Added admin option to change the Challenge Round (0 to turn it off)
    - Changed a bit the the gui visuals
    - Gain robot round changed from 2 to 3
Version: 0.17.26
    - Added new feature: Team Challenges! If teams have at least 2 players, someone will be chosen and teleported to an arena to fight the opposing team in a fast match. 
    - Added 2 arenas and 2 challenges: Mining Money and Killing Spawners (reward: team money)
Version: 0.17.25
    - Added new alien mercenary and boss. The Biter Bomber.
    - Fixed big worms spawning before they should
Version: 0.17.24
    - Especial chests are bigger
    - Fixed a crash related to placing blueprints
Version: 0.17.23
    - Ghosts allowed in all game modes
    - Players can't remove tiles in starting area
    - Added more technologies to the shop
    - Tanks moved military 4
    - Landfill removed
    - Bosses will drop a new robot item as loot (removed broken-droid)
Version: 0.17.22
    - Removed mod name rich text
    - Fixed a crash when adding other enemies mods.
Version: 0.17.21
    - Fixed a crash
Version: 0.17.20
    - Fixed a gui incompatibility with game version 0.17.35.
Version: 0.17.19
    - Made compatible with game version 0.17.35.
    - In PVP with teams isolated by river, no one will able to place landfill there
Version: 0.17.18
    - Fixed crash with loot boxes.
Version: 0.17.16
    - You can now purchase an alien with camera implant to watch it attacking the enemy base.
    - And you see bosses coming to your base.
Version: 0.17.15
    - Rocketry moved to military 3
    - Explosive rockets to militar-4
    - More initial labs
    - Both bases will have the same orientation
Version: 0.17.14
    - Fixed crash
Version: 0.17.13
    - New prison layout
Version: 0.17.12
    - Added fire worms.
    - Both Teams on PVP will receive loot chests, but only the first that killed all enemies will receive extra cash.
Version: 0.17.11
    - More resources. 
    - Fixed crash.
Version: 0.17.10
  Old versions:
    - 0.17.10 - Fixed robots not leaving prison. Added big Alien Bosses each 5 rounds. Killed Boss drops broken robot: fix it and it will go work for your team. On boss rounds, only the team that killed all enemies first will receive loot. Inital items are now only on the storage chest. No initial armor/weapon.
    - 0.17.9 - Fixed a crash
    - 0.17.8 - Market prices problem fixed. Added new aliens variants. Raised damages of brute bitters. Changed enemy spawn for better performance. Default game will not spawn random resources on map, but there is an admin option to enable it. If someone leave game while in prison, penalties will be applyed...
    - 0.17.7 - Made compatible with game version 0.17.23
    - 0.17.6 - Fixed missing rail technology. Fixed some items prices. Added artillary and uranium mod options (disabled by default). 
    - 0.17.5 - Fixed a crash on rocket launch. Fixed spawners not being removed after round end in PVE. Reworked unit spawn and attack rountine. Endgame screen moved to left, and you can close it. More starting resources. Raised robots health to 200. 
    - 0.17.4 - Special chests now with custom graphics. Labs equiped with requester chests. Reduced number of PVE brutal enemies in waves.
    - 0.17.3 - Reduced strenght of bought enemies and raised the Brutal prices. PVE games now have brutal enemies too. End game reveals all map. New gui for the team join panel. Blueprint disabled in PVP game by default.
    - 0.17.2 - Generated Science packs are now marked to be taken by construction robots. Fixed Alien shop, now with much stronger monsters. Reduced default map size. Fixed player join crash. Rules in game are show in english.
    - 0.17.1 - Fixed missing decoratives
    - 0.17.0 - Version 17 release. Removed cats for the new compilatron robot.
    - 0.16.5 - This version adds coop PVE game mode. Cat mod is now optional. Loot chests now gives more money if you kill all enemy aliens
    - 0.16.3 - Fixed a crash when leaving team. New button to spy enemy team
    - 0.16.2 - Some bug fixes. Cats are immune to belts
    - 0.16.1 - Initial version of JailBreak PVP scenario
Version: 0.17.0
    - v17 initial release.
    - Removed cats for the new compilatron robot.