Hiladdar's Fuels

This mod adds 4 new tiers of fuels. There are two versions of each fuel, one for trains and one modified for other vehicles.
2 months ago
0.16 - 0.17
Owner: Hiladdar
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 1 year, 2 months ago
Latest Version: 0.17.3 (2 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16 - 0.17
Downloaded: 1137 times

I wonder what would happen to rocket fuel if we enriched it with space science, the pressurized it, then added some radiation to it? ... not bad ... wonder what would happen if we went ape crazy, and added even more stuff from science to it. It works, but warning: Use the space fuel at your own risk.

This mod focuses on fuel, as it modifies acceleration and max speed.

Three new fuels are added; those fuels are designed to support the end game, after researching a rocket silo.

One final insane fuel is added, which requires 1,000,000 space science packs to research (have fun). But on the lighter side, it only requires 10 science packs manufacture. This final fuel provides a top speed multiple of 25 times the base speed, and acceleration bonus 100 times for trains, and 25 times for vehicles.

Base cargo, fluid, and artillery wagon speed is dramatically increased for this mod to work.

Deadlock989 provided some graphics via https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=58921 asking only for attribution for them. Thanks Deadlock989!

Readme.txt provides additional technical information