Heavy Oil Chemical Science deprecated

Chemical science simplified to require only heavy oil products. Oil processing gives only heavy oil and optional use of cracking.

11 months ago
11 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.1 (11 months ago)
Factorio version:
48 times

Suggested alternative to the proposed oil processing changes in https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-304

With this mod, Chemical Science is made much more accessible with a reliable (non-deadlocking) setup immediately, while dealing with multi-output oil is still extremely advantageous (though no longer required).

Uses a startup mod-setting for Petroleum Gas being locked behind Advanced Oil Processing. Default OFF.


  • Basic Oil Processing produces only Heavy oil--inefficiently, encouraging switching to Advanced ASAP
  • Chemical science recipe requires only Heavy oil products
    • Electric engine introduces lubricant production and the assembler fluid input
    • Solid fuel introduces chemical plants item-output, and offers improved efficiency for starting to learn cracking 'early'
    • Red wire for the copper cost of current chemical science packs--while hinting to solve Advanced Oil Processing
  • Heavy to Light cracking is unlocked with Basic Oil Processing, but optional to use (as a hint)
  • By default: Light to Gas cracking is unlocked with Basic Oil Processing for further pursuit of oil if delaying Advanced Oil Processing research
  • Solid fuel moved from Oil Processing to Flammables (previously empty!)

UPDATE: Changes below will be from a mod setting to restrict light cracking to Advanced Oil.
Unsuitable due to a lack of distinction between various t1 and t2 products that would both land in the chemical science unlock tier.

Below is only active with the AOP-Gated Gas setting (Default OFF)

  • Petroleum Gas and dependent technologies/recipes are unlocked with Chemical Science
    • Advanced Oil Processing unlocks Petroleum Gas from its refinery recipe and:
      • Solid fuel from Gas recipe
      • Only Light->Gas cracking
    • Plastics and Sulfur Processing depend on Advanced Oil Processing instead of Basic
    • These now require Advanced Electronics instead of Chemical Science:
      • Uranium Processing
      • Electric Energy Distribution 2
      • Advanced Electronics 2
      • Advanced Material Processing 2
    • Low Density Structure requires Plastics