by Reika

Tweaks the game to either fix minor issues, add QoL features, or make larger changes to game behavior.

1 year, 21 days ago
0.15 - 1.1
Visible Source, No Public Derivatives
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.105.1 (1 year, 21 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 1.1
4138 times


Various options and tweaks.

Primary Features:
Option for larger stack sizes (200) of base materials (ore, plates, circuits, etc)
Option for bobplates-style cheaper steel (2 plates and 50% faster)
Option to make the rocket silo and the rockets/satellites require far more research and infrastructure (includes BobMod integration)
Option to gate nuclear reactors behind far more research, and make centrifuges use more electric power
Option to make rocket launches greatly upset the enemies, triggering large attacks and evolution factor increase
Makes loader technologies require each previous tier if present
Increases max range for green/purple Bob belts if present
Increases green (Tier 3) assembler from 1.25x to 1.5x speed, as if the four speed modules inside actually worked
Changes spawners' damage resistance to explosions from 5/15% to negative, as big bubbly things are not known for shockwave resilience, and there is otherwise no realistic way to destroy spawners pre-oil
KSPower windmills are made somewhat cheaper
Big Brother expanded-area radars now scan further but only monitor a little more than the normal area
Adds option to make each tier of armor require the last, to avoid waste and/or forgoing armor until lategame
Adds option to decrease tree selection box size, for easier building

Secondary Features:
Automatically reloads recipes and technologies when the game is reloaded, to keep up to date with mod changes
Small/Medium Powerpoles can now fast-replace each other
Lamps and rail signals use basic circuits instead of ones with components if BobElectronics is installed
Fixes some fluid-in-pipe colors, especially for the three oil products, to match the icons
Makes flight technology slightly harder and more sensible
Electric Energy II (Substations) needs Advanced Electronics I
Increases max speed for top-tier Bob Locomotives if present
Makes BobElectronics solder faster to craft if present
Adds a few conversion recipes for crafting low-tier machines into high-tier ones
Construction robots are now fire-resistant to prevent mass death in forest fires
Steam Turbine and Uranium Centrifuge now have their own sounds instead of sounding like steam engines and assemblers
Fluid Spills (mod) no longer prevent building placement
Accumulators are now somewhat quieter
Walking through water (if enabled by another mod) now makes splashing sounds
Increases helicopter speed and acceleration to be competitive with trains