Early Nuclear Power

This mod adds a several early game nuclear technologies, buildings, and items.

11 months ago
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.4.6 (11 months ago)
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This mod adds a several early game nuclear technologies, buildings, and items.

There are now two earlier tiers of nuclear reactor, and a lower tier of heat pipe/heat exchanger that will work from the beginning of the game.

This is facilitated by a low tech centrifuge system and loose uranium ore that doesn't require acid to mine.

Also includes a nuclear power plant for powering armor equipment and a lower tier nuclear bomb.

Thanks to the following mods for inspiration:
cncs Sulfur Mod
Dp77s FactorioPlus Ores
Portable power

A special thanks to Gerkiz for helping me out with diagnosing problems with my ore generation.
Also, thanks to Sigma1 for the basis of the RTG graphics.

Version history:
0.1.0- Crude nuclear and breeder reactors, as well as crude processing, portable breeder reactor, and dirty bomb.
0.2.0- RTG added, breeder reactor output changed to plutonium, some minor naming issues fixed.
0.2.1- Updated pollution variables to emmissions-per-watt-per-second.
0.2.2- Fixed a potential crash issue with RTG's.
0.2.3- Updated pollution variables to emissions-per-minute, added base game technology dependency, changed RTG equipment icon to the same as the item icon.
0.3.0- Added new plutonium nuclear fuel recipe, so it is available earlier in the game. Old recipe is left unchanged
0.4.0- Added Mini nuke, updated missile icons to unique graphics, changed "poison capsule" effect to "radiation cloud"
0.4.1- Updated all icons to unique graphics
0.4.2- Changed the low temp equipment from 160 to 165 degrees. Shrunk the thumbnail image (it was the largest file.)
0.4.3- Updated to new heat pipe format
0.4.4- Fixed HR resolution sprite sizes
0.4.5- Added official changelog
0.4.6- (Finally) bumped version number to Factorio 1.1