Dp77s RealFactory Steam Age

The name says it all: no electricity - all works only with steam - the ore's processing is rewritten to being more real - new machines and processes, picked out from the reality of the first industrial revolution.
10 months ago


When will you release a new update?

I always describe what there will be in the next update in the changelog section, for the release date it's another story.
I'm doing my best to share you at least one update every month (and i don't hide that this is not happening), be sure, but, if this doesn't happend, i'll upload the new content only when i'll think that it's the right moment to do it (Exactly when all the animations work well, there are no bugs in the descriptions and on the tech tree, the recipes are balanced and so on).
However, i want to give you an update date: on the 1st of every month, if i'll find time to program, i'll try release a new version of the modpack, otherwise, well, i've already told you what happens.
See you in August so.

High resolutions, yeah i know

In this modpack each machine is made from images large about 512x512 px and each animation is made of 36 - 100 frames... don't go on the discussion page to complain about it, please;
If i notice that this is a very, VERY, big problem, i'll reduce in the future these resolution to vanilla ones (256) and do a separated mod with the 512x ones

The average size of the machines is 5x5... SO BIG

In the beginning of the industrial revolution (XVII - XVIII cent.) all the machines were enormus, complex and inefficient: i've tryied to reply this problem in the game.

I've found a problem and want to tell you what's wrong

Just go on the discussion page or on the discord forum and tell me what you've found, i want you to describe me:
What mods you were using;
The kind of problem you've found;
Possibly a schreenshot of the bug or crash - possibly in ENGLISH, since i could not understand you.