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The core of my second modpack - see the modpage for more details

2 years ago
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2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.1.1 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
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This is an alpha version, so there won't be much content to play and if you find a/some problems with the modpack just tell me in the discussion page or on my forum on discord.

Tiny description of this mod:

Add some new XVIII-like machines that work without power - Rewrites the normal factorio ores processing (this is just an alpha, for now, there is only a method on 7) - Adds many new processes, based on the real ones of the first industrial revolution (Working on...)

The objectives of this modpack:

_make the Factorio game more real, by dividing the game itself in ages;
_unite all the mods that I've done before in a more organized modpack.

The main subdivision of the modpack

_Steam Age - the age says it all: no electricity, simple machines/processes, all powered by steam;
_Oil Age - you can now refine the petroleum, all that's related to the II industrial revolution (the normal factorio game);
_Modern/Digital Age - our ages, mainly based on computers and complex machines;
_Futuristic/Space Age - fusion power, convert power into the matter and vice-versa, teleportation.

They could change in the future:

Forums and useful links:

_My discord page, if you want to tell me your idea, advise me on a bug or just see what I'm working on;
_The Forum page of this modpack: Tell me if you want one.

Thanks to:

_Bobingabout - for his help with functions and entities;
_Darkfrei - for his help on recipe chains.

The compatibility keyword:

"Be compatible" will be one of the objectives of this modpack, so if you want me to do cross-mod compatibility, just ask me.
This modpack is actually compatible with:
_Bob mods;
_Angel mods - Working on...;

See you on the forums and good game (and sorry for the English xD),