Dp77s FactorioPlus: Advanced Tech and Alloys

This mod adds many new types of alloys, ordered by their prerequisites in "types": there'll be so many alloys that steel will be nothing compared to them. Also this mod adds new, powerful marks of the vanilla lab and lots of new science packs for research technologies like Automation 11 or Advanced Electronics 6 and entire new tech threes that needs only to be discovered. For allow you to play my mods in your modpacks, this mod is compatible with Bob's ones. For a better gameplay with this mod, see the bottom of this mod page.

2 years ago

g Steel hand crafting

2 years ago

I'm excited with your mods, like your way of balancing things, but i wanna ask if a hand crafting steel from beginning was meant to be unlocked/possible by you? Cause there is also a technology which still unlocks steel, so i'm a bit confused about this. Is this a bug? https://clip2net.com/s/3WDo5QX

2 years ago

No it's a bug, i know, and i'll fix it in the next update of Fp machines, when i'll add a new type of furnace in the game dedicated only for make alloys.
Stay tuned.

2 years ago

So i updated FP Machines and possibility of handcrafting still there. Btw same to bronze and peltrum plates.

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

Yeah yeah i know, i've been working a lot on the textures, so i've not had the time for fix the alloys.

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