Double Speed Belts

–°hanging speed of belts. Every next belt tier has twice higher speed than tier before. Now splitter splits one blue belt to two red belts.

a month ago
0.16 - 1.1

b [done] support for Factorio Extended Plus and Deadlock's Loaders

1 year, 18 days ago

Hi ..
Noticed the purple belts were 240/s .. but the loaders were still at 75/s

1 year, 17 days ago

Thanks for report

1 year, 17 days ago


1 year, 16 days ago

I did a speed check and the mk2 belts appear to be going at the same speed as the mk1

This link will give you a copy of the save file

1 year, 16 days ago
(updated 1 year, 15 days ago)

Thanks for the save game file.

It loos like the 1x1-loaders cannot support speed 240 items/second. It's vanilla bug, not mine.


2 months ago


2 months ago

what was fixed ? have you been able to get loaders to go faster ?

2 months ago

My bad, I've read what I want to read. It was fixed another issue.

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