Double Speed Belts

–°hanging speed of belts. Every next belt tier has twice higher speed than tier before. Now splitter splits one blue belt to two red belts.

a month ago
0.16 - 1.1

b the speed of the other mod's belt

2 years ago

it's not fit with the mod " Ultimate Belts "!!!
it's suppose to be twice time speed in every kinds of belt, but it's not!!!
Can you fix it?
Cause you said that it can fit with any other mods, lol~~

2 years ago

wish you can fix it, when it's twice time every belts, this mod will be very very useful

2 years ago

Please note that you must slow down items near assembler machines, you cannot use inserters with ultra-high-speed-belts. Just use slower belts near of them.

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