by Phalke

The Mod adds longer distance versions of belts, pipes and electric poles.

6 years ago
0.13 - 0.16
7 years ago
Latest Version:
0.16.0 (6 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 0.16
Downloaded by:
33 users

A mod that adds:
- 2 longer distance underground-belts
- 4 longer distance underground pipes
- 1 long range electric pole
- a large area electric substation

Credits for this mod go to the original "UpGrade"-Mod authors yareczek and Tardan, I updated it to 0.13, 0.14, 0.15 and now to 0.16, as none of the authors was active. I also changed the name to DistancePlus because "UpGrade" was a pretty meaningless.

I made a change to the radius of the substations, because given their footprint they should be more useful, especially when you are already playing with mods like bobs, where you already got greater radius power-poles with a low footprint. I also raised the build-cost to reflect the large area it supports now.

Update 0.14.0 - Compatibility to Factorio 0.14.x
Update 0.15.0 - Compatibility to Factorio 0.15.x (removed obsolete alien-technology dependencies)
Update 0.15.2 - A fix that seems to work for some people (however not for myself, so you can try it - however I'd call it "experimental", as I cannot test it myself
Update 0.15.3 - Fixes for 0.15 by orzelek and yarezek, should work now. If it still does not work, try deleting the file crop-cache.dat, added russian translation by RikkiLook
Update 0.16.0 - Compatibility to Factorio 0.16.x - Unfortunately the maximum cable length for the wires of the huge electric pole had to be reduced to 64, as this is the new hardcoded limit for cable-lengths.