Devterev's Warfare. New weapons,vechicles and more options for game and infrastructures

Mod adds: 25mm cannon for vehicles. New tank with a lot of weapons. New turrets: vulcan (20mm turret), vulcan mk2. Equipment for tank. New weapons: 20mm submachine gun. Lot options for game. Work with bob's mods and etc. Good game!

2 months ago
0.14 - 1.1
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.5.31 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 1.1
18606 times
  • I apologize for the bad English, if somewhere something is not written correctly, please create a topic with a problem.

Update 0.5.31
Big weapons rebalance.
Added new ammo: Uranium 20mm and 25mm.
Addew 12.7 machinegun for car and tank

Update 0.5.30
I repair mining speed.
Mining power deleted, createted mining radius.

Update 0.5.29
Rebalanced tank machinegun.

Update 0.5.28
Laser gun/turret deleted.

Update 0.5.27
I fixed the mod and it works

Update 0.5.26.
Added version 1.1
Know bugs - lasergun dont have beam,
I don't know how to fix it.

Update 0.5.25.
Added version 1.0
fixed minor bugs.

Update 0.5.22-23
Rebalanced weapons.

Update 0.5.21
Added compatible with bobs vechicle equipment.

Update 0.5.2
Added new multiplier - beacon area supply.

Update 0.5.1
Science pack multiplier has been deleted, added instead science pack durability.

Update 0.5.0
Hello everyone!
Mod updated to a 18.
I added new mulpitier - ammo size (magazine size) *Dont work with projectiles.
Deleted old recipes.
Added endless technologies.
Add 20mm turret for tank.

Update 0.4.22
Hello everyone!
In this update I set the value default for "powerpoles_reach" = 0;

Update 0.4.21
Hello everyone!
I updated the mod to a17!
Unfortunately, there may be mistakes, since I could not make a test room, as I did before.

Update 0.4.2
Added russial localization.Да-да, теперь на русском.
Science pack - bug fixed old recipe.

Update 0.41
"Explosives research bug" - corrected.
Mods: "Bio-Industries and Additional Turrets" - now compatible.

Update 0.4.0
Hey everyone!I returned!And brought you some goodies!
My mod works in version 16!
Added:Laser turret - high rate of fire and low damage.
New option - hp for spawners.
Rebalaced fire:
More damage and longer burns - 30/s and 10 sec time burns.

Update 0.35.0
Added new weapons :
Laser gun and 20mm Submachine Gun;
Added option for oil refinery and chemical plant;

Update 0.3.0
Good news everyone!

I finally added the ability to customize the mod from the game - now no need to climb into the code!This can be done in the game.
Rebalancing 25mm,20mm,tank-shell,now magazine size = 1
Added in game mod options:
Science pack multiplier;
Assebmling machine speed multiplier;
Undeground belts lenght multiplier;
Chest size multiplier;
Stack size multiplier;
Inserter speed multiplier;
Undeground belts speed;
Mining speed multiplier;
Mining power multiplier;
Furnace craft speed multiplier;
Logistic and construction radius multiplier;
Powerpole reach multiplier;
Powerpole area multiplier;
Robot speed multiplier;
Robot energy multiplier;
Steam engine multiplier; - Absolutely new.
Max hp monsters multiplier. - Absolutely new.

Update 0.2.62-0.2.63
Errors corrected
Compatibility Fixed for mods

Update 0.2.61 -" Stong and hungry"
Reduced the rate of fire 25mm cannon
Increased nuclear weapon damage
Added a rocket launcher for the tank
Added new enemies.
Increased Health Hives

Update 0.2.51

Add and adapted Better Infrastructure + more options for v15
**I make 1000 apologies Emmote, but since the mod is the right one and worth the license MIT, i it adapted for v15.
I honestly adapted the mod, but could not publish it - since there was a mod with that name.
original mod right here

Reduced the speed of the tank, now it is equal to 70-75 km / h

Also added the following custom parameters:
speed assembly machine
Number of received packets
Length underground belt and pipe to ground
Drill power
(Not all mod options(better inf.) work with other modes)
Use "config.lua" for your settings.You can open it with a notepad

Mod now has version 0.2.41:
Adapted for experemental 15.x.x

UPD 17.04.17
Mod now has version 0.2.4
Fixed bugs:
Copy-paste and recipe science-pack ;
Reduced the cost of technology;
Equipment for tank:turbo for tank,reactor,shields,battaries.
Reduced battery capacity for armor from 20 MW to 1 MW, from 100 MW to 5 MW.
This was not logical, when the accumulators for armor were more capacious than for power plants.
Changed description

UPD 14.04.17:
Changed the name of the mod, now it's called devterev's warfare;
Add new turrets: Vulcan and Vulcan mk2,used 20mm ammunition;
Was returned to an ordinary tank;
Mesh for the tank, you can install equipment from the armor;
Reduced damage and rate of fire for 25mm cannon;
Added technology to improve the characteristics of the weapons of the tank and turrets;
Improved the speed characteristics of the tank with 25mm;
The recipe of scientific packages has been changed - now they are crafted with 10 pieces;

Added by:
Mod now has version 0.2.3
25mm autocannon for the tank and car
Flamethrower for a tank and a car
Shotgun for the tank
Increased damage and firing range by projectiles

  • This mod is designed for strong opponents from other mods.
  • The mod can be somewhat unfinished

Works with Bob's mods.