Destructive Blueprints

This mod adds the ability to place blueprints over existing buildings. Deconstruction is ordered for buildings that are in the way. Usage: Press Ctrl (by default) and place a blueprint to demolish any buildings that stand in its way.

8 months ago

b Snap to Grid breaks

8 months ago

Any blueprints that are set up to snap to the grid no longer snap to the grid as soon as the blueprint is rotated.
Everything still works, but most of my blueprints are set up for snapping, so it's a very annoying bug.


7 months ago

Thanks for reporting this; I just installed a bunch of mods and encountered this problem afterwards. Your comment just saved me the work of having to figure out which of my new mods caused this problem :)

I've also noticed that due to this bug, tiles from the blueprint are lost as soon as the blueprint is rotated.

7 months ago

I found a work arround. After rotating press "a" to cancel then select the bp again in the shortcut bar or book, this will reload the bp with proper snaping and tiles after rotation.

6 months ago

Hi, same problem, is there a way to resolve this ? Maybe a button in the shortcuts to deactivate/activate the mod on the go ? Thank you !

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