Destructive Blueprints

This mod adds the ability to place blueprints over existing buildings. Deconstruction is ordered for buildings that are in the way. Usage: Press Ctrl (by default) and place a blueprint to demolish any buildings that stand in its way.

8 months ago

g Doesn't seem to work?

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

I have disabled all mods but this and redo and haven't gotten this to work. (Ctrl+click does nothing, shift click is normal and left click gives "X is in the way") I also don't see any settings under mod settings. 1.1.87 Can provide map DL and BPs I've tried if needed.

8 months ago

Unfortunately I set the default keybind wrong. But you can change it to Ctrl+click in Settings > Controlls > Mods > Destructive Blueprints > Force Place
It's also fixed in the latest release.

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