Adds options to change many stack sizes (and fluid capacities). Fork of ReStack to improve compatibility with other mods and add new features

2 years ago
0.17 - 1.1


Q: What if I have an issue?
A: Post on the Discussion thing. I'll be playing Factorio for at least a bit longer, so I should see it. Maybe I'll get a github going if somebody asks. It'd be better to have a place where you could post the whole log, or at least send it to me somehow (Discord, Steam).

Q: What should I include?
A: The more details the better. If it's a small error or an item is not found, should be pretty easy to rectify. If barrels issue, make sure barrel logging is on, as well as ignore+log for conflict resolution. Data Raw Serpent is indispensable for helping me resolve issues. The game only needs to be loaded for the stack changes to go into effect, and Data Raw Serpent will dump all the game data in the factorio-current.log. I may need to send you a version of the mod with a lot of the debugging messages active, so I can see more precisely what's happening if it's something really strange.

Q: Can you support X?
A: If a mod has issue, see (1)

Q: Discord/Steam?
A: Discord: Honktown#2912 Steam:

q: I uninstalled your mod
A: Please tell me why