Adds underground mines, extracting ores in bulk no fluid required, uranium mined without liquid at high tiers. 1.4.0: Krastorio2 not longer compatible... will re-add it as compatible once i can fix the issue.

11 days ago
1.0 - 1.1


1.0.0 fully stable and updated to factorio version 1.0.
1.1.1 Angelsrefining integration added.
1.1.4 Darkstar_Utilities integration added.
1.1.5 minor crafting re-balancing, final tier unlocked at white science, unless using Angelsrefining now gives chosen ore type only.
1.1.6 minor tweak's to required power.
1.1.7 uranium ore output increased notably.
1.1.8 icons updated, minor fix.
1.1.9 tweaked ore generation times(less per min overall).
1.2.0 module overhaul now bottom tiers allow modules of limited types, high tiers allow both more modules and types, mining productivity is WIP atm.
1.2.1 Added several late game recipes to further increase mining output. removing of obsolete recipes as new ones are researched is also WIP.
1.2.2 added intermediate parts for crafting deepmines.
1.2.3+ updated to experimental build[1.1.1].
1.2.4 NEW deepmine[now deep miner] graphic and re-scaling, many mega game mining upgrades added.
1.2.5 Re-worked integrations and added Krastorio2 to the list of good to go ;) balance suggestions welcome.
1.2.6 Factorio [1.0] Small Bug Fix, mod thumbnail updated.
1.2.7 Factorio [+1.1] 'see 1.2.6'
1.2.8 Info.jason fix for Factorio 1.0 users.
1.2.9 [1.0 users].
1.3.0 [1.1+ users]. had to make the version number for 1.1 users higher than the 1.0 one or it would auto to the 1.0 preventing use for 1.1+ users...
1.3.1[1.0 users]&1.3.2[1.1+users] various recipe changes overall notably less resource costs, but more time. re-scaled ore output less output from lower tiers, higher output from high end game tiers. added end game integrations for dark-stars and Krustorio2. Localization's fixed.
1.3.3[1.0users]&1.3.4[1.1+users] Recipes finished, Angels end-game integrations added.
NOTICE 1.0 USERS: deep-mine updates will be for 1.1 and above only(1.3.3 is the last 1.0 version)
1.4.0: Krastorio2 not longer compatible... will re-add it as compatible once i can fix the issue.