Deep Mine

by Optera

Adds underground mines, randomly extracting all ores that can be mined without fluid input.

2 years ago
0.15 - 1.1

g MIT License redistribution

2 years ago

Hey Optera,

According to the license you put up for Deep Mine, if I understand it correctly, I'm allowed to alter the code as I see fit and upload it as long as I inform you?

I've been messing with the beacon portion of this mod specifically and would love to use it, tweak it and alter it as I see fit for Krastorio 2. I'm considering uploading it to the public for their use. I'll of course give you full credit for your code of the beacon functionality (Which is basically what my tweak would do, apply it to KR2 entities).

If you have any objections at all in any way, I'll abide by them even if its out of your MIT license.


2 years ago

Sure, go ahead.
I'm fine as long as you credit me.

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